Pearl Farm Beach Resort – Samal Island, Davao del Norte

Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Samal Island, Davao del Norte is a wonderland that you shouldn’t miss during your trip in Davao City. Its iconic three-layered hut called “Parola” together with the long stretch of its grandiose Maranao themed huts looks spectacular from afar. The resort’s exceptionally artistic theme is a product of the creative mind of the renowned architect Francisco Mañosa. A visit here gives you not just one but seven white sand beaches to enjoy.

Pearl Farm Davao del Norte's Parola

Pearl Farm Beach Resort’s Parola

Pearl Farm Davao del Norte's Maranao Themed Huts

Pearl Farm Beach Resort’s Maranao Themed Huts

Pearl Farm Beach Resort has an exclusive wharf in Davao City with ferries going to their Samal Island resort. This wharf has a reception area which looks like a small hotel which has its own swimming pool and souvenir shop. After getting our laminated tickets and waiting for our ferry to arrive, we had a stroll in the area where we saw a street vendor selling jewelries. The person doesn’t seem to have any connection with Pearl Farm Beach Resort but it’s clear that the management gave him license to sell within their vicinity.

Pearl Farm Davao City

Pearl Farm Beach Resort’s Reception Area

Pearl Farm Davao City - Pearls for Sale

Sidewalk jewelry vendor at Pear Farm Beach Resort’s Wharf area

My wife couldn’t resist asking the street vendor about the price of the necklaces and earrings. Her one question led to several questions until she ended up having a long haggling discussion with the vendor. Their haggling discussion took very long that I was able to go to a far section of the wharf then come back and they’re still not through yet. During that stroll, I found a man climbing up one of the coconut trees within the wharf’s vicinity. The man was very friendly, that he even posed when I took a picture of him. But in reality, he’s a reflection of how friendly the Davaoeños are. After getting back to my wife, she was getting to ready to buy the necklace, earrings plus bracelet all for P1,200.00. She had them tested and proved that they’re all genuine before buying which left her a wide grin.

Pearl Farm Davao City - Coconut Man

Friendly man climbing up the coconut tree

Pearl Farm Davao City - Boat ride

We saw the Golden Bay Beach Resort and Spa on our way to Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Since we came too early, we were the only visitors in the wharf during that time. By the time the ferry arrived around 8:00 AM, there were lots of other visitors already. During our ferry ride, we’ve seen other resorts in Samal Island. Just by seeing a small side of it, we were able to see already how marvelous this island is, and how it’s rich with white sand beaches and flourishing trees. This is clearly the reason why it’s a home to 35 beach resorts.

Pearl Farm Davao del Norte - Beach Resort Facade

Pearl Farm Beach Resort Fantastic Huts

When the ferry was starting to get close to the Pearl Farm Beach Resort, we were filled of amazement. The sight of the lush green trees blanketing the island blended together with the Samal Tribe inspired huts and which has a cone-shaped hut at the center really brought us the excitement. It’s a great projection of the natural beauty of the country and the Filipino culture in a classy way. It’s as if there are Maharlika (Royal Blood) people staying there who will welcome us together with their native performers.

Pearl Farm Davao del Norte - Beach Resort's Parola Bar interior

Pearl Farm Beach Resort’s Parola Bar Interior

After entering the cone-shaped hut called the Parola bar, we were greeted with a smile and were given welcome drinks. Then a lady in front with a Pearl Farm’s map gave us a briefing on how the food stubs and tickets are used, and how we should tour the island. Once we’re done, we explored the whole bar area then took some pictures. The whole place was neat and cozy. When I looked down straight at the edge of the hut, I was amazed how clean and clear the water is despite of the large crowd regularly visiting the resort daily.

Pearl Farm Davao del Norte - Beach Resort's White Sand Beach

Pearl Farm Beach Resort’s White Sand Beach

Pearl Farm Davao del Norte - Beach Resort's Infinity Pool

Pearl Farm Beach Resort’s Infinity Pool

After getting inside the resort, we were astonished by the way its infinity pool blended with the sea and how its pond shape was smooth to the eye. Their choice of sand colored rough tiles in the pool was a brilliant way of emulating a sandy beach which made everything look natural and more enticing to swimmers. We were later called to get a boat ride to the Malipano Island which is a smaller island nearby.

Pearl Farm Davao del Norte - Beach Resort's Malipano Island

Pearl Farm Beach Resort’s Malipano Island

After a ten minute trip to the Malipano Island, we we’re dazzled by its white sand beach. We roamed around a bit then took some pictures of it while the other tourists walked deeper inside the island. When we realized that we were the last two people left in the beach area, we started exploring the deeper part of the island. After getting to the opposite end of the island, we were stunned by the marvelous Malipano Villas perched wonderfully inside the bunch of trees with some stilted on the side. This setup allowed the visitors maximize the whole white sand beach area of fun activities.

Pearl Farm Davao del Norte - Beach Resort's Speedboat

Pearl Farm Beach Resort’s Speedboat

Pearl Farm Davao del Norte - Speed boat tour

Island transfer through the speedboat.

After resting awhile in the hammocks while enjoying the view of the sea in the Malipano Island, we noticed again that we were the only one left in the island. We rushed back to the other end again to catch our ferry but it’s not there anymore. The security personnel directed us to a docking area to wait for a speed boat. It was our first time to ride one and it felt very luxurious. We were very happy to find out that it’s already covered by our day-tour fee and all we spent is the tip to the driver who was very proactive in taking our pictures while heading back to the Samal Island resort. The pictures he took are awesome!

Pearl Farm Davao del Norte - Beach Resort's Buffet Lunch

Pearl Farm Beach Resort’s Buffet Lunch

Lunch time finally came and it was grand. The buffet lunch had a great variety of dishes that was beyond some of the buffet restaurants we’ve been before. The food tasted great that I overstuffed myself to the point of my tummy getting hurt. I had no choice but to keep on standing up and walking around so all the food will quickly go down. We checked out its two souvenir shops. The first souvenir shop even has a lady dressed in T’boli clothes and was weaving a cloth.

Pearl Farm Davao del Norte - Beach Resort's Amenities

Pearl Farm Beach Resort’s Amenities

Since my wife and I agreed that it was the best time to explore the resort further, we took a free ride to its other section using their electric minicab. When we reached the other section, the driver told us that he is escorting guests back to the Parola every 20-30 minutes. This section of the resort has a wider white sand beach with two large swimming pools. There’s a gaming area as well where you can play billiards and darts. My wife and I had a wonderful time relaxing in the lounge chairs while enjoying a fantastic view of the beach. Our visit here was really unforgettable.

Pearl Farm Davao del Norte - Beach Resort's Mandaya Beach

Pearl Farm Beach Resort’s Mandaya Beach


Pearl Farm Davao Beach Resort’s Day-tour Rate:

From 9:00AM to 5:00PM
Weekdays: P1,850.00
Weekends: P2,500.00

For an overnight stay, please check the link below for details:


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