Davao City: People’s Park Durian Dome and More


The People’s Park in Davao City is a charming place where you can slow down, relax and give yourself a quick break from the loud and busy streets of the urban after a tiring day-tour. This 4-hectare tourist attraction is a perfect place …

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Samal Island Resorts and Travel Guide


Samal Island Resorts have increased significantly and are flourishing as more and more visitors are flocking the island each year. The people’s growing awareness of its beautiful beaches and the kind of attention it’s getting online and in magazines continues …

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Pearl Farm Beach Resort – Samal Island, Davao del Norte


Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Samal Island, Davao del Norte is a wonderland that you shouldn’t miss during your trip in Davao City. Its iconic three-layered hut called “Parola” together with the long stretch of its grandiose Maranao themed huts looks spectacular …

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Davao City: Jack’s Ridge Resort and Restaurant


Jack’s Ridge Resort and Restaurant is a cool place to hang out during your trip in Davao City. It’s a charming elevated spot where you can succumb on a fantastic meal while enjoying a nice view of the city’s landscape. …

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Davao Crocodile Park


Davao Crocodile Park is not really about the crocodiles alone but is about a sweet variety of other animals as well. As I see it, it’s a mini-zoo that lets its visitors experience close encounters with various animals and even …

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Davao City: Zorv Park Roll and Rock!


The Zorv Park in Davao City gives you that thrilling treat of what it’s like inside a gigantic inflatable ball while it’s rolling wildly—a unique experience that rocks! Make sure that your heart’s condition is in perfect shape when you …

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Davao City: The Thriving Metropolis – Hotels, Resorts & Travel Guide


Davao City is a progressive city where skyscrapers are built left and right, the crime rate is low and large investments from different business sectors are continuously pouring in. Considering the number of large malls, expensive shops and luxurious restaurants …

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T’boli Tribe’s Fascinating Culture


The T’boli tribe of South Cotabato is a fascinating group of people because of their distinct culture, craftsmanship and weaving skills. On top of that, they are very friendly and hospitable people who make anyone feel comfortable when interacting with …

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Punta Isla Resort, Floating Restaurant and Tilapia Dishes Galore


Punta Isla Resort is the home of the famous floating restaurant in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato which serves almost all kinds of Tilapia dishes. Beyond the restaurant and the Tilapias, what makes Punta Isla Resort a fantastic resort is its ambience and many …

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Lake Sebu: The Highest in Zipline Southeast Asia


Lake Sebu’s zipline is the highest in Southeast Asia. With a height of 600 feet, this zipline lets you experience the thrill of flying like a bird. I can still see myself freely gliding in the wind and fearlessly looking …

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