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Statues and Symbolic Structures of Corregidor Island – Cavite

Several statues and symbolic structures were erected in Corregidor Island to give honor to the heroes of World War II in the Pacific region. The stories of their courage and sacrifice deserve to be retold and remembered. These patriotic men and women are the reason why we’re enjoying peace and freedom.

Statues and Symbolic Structures of Corregidor Island, Cavite
Eternal Flame of Freedom – Corregidor Island
One of the most honored statues in Corregidor Island, Cavite
Statue of General Douglas McArthur


Varying Statues and Symbolic Structures of Corregidor Island

Since Corregidor Island played a big role during World War II, different symbolic structures related to the war were erected here. There were some which don’t have any significance to the war at all, but overall, every structure adds symbolic value to this island. A visit here won’t just let you enjoy a scenic view, but a view of marvelous structures with deep World War II stories.

Statues and Symbolic Structures of Corregidor Island: Guerilla Soldier
Guerilla Soldier

At first, I wondered why the soldier above is half-naked and wears a farmer’s hat instead of a regular camouflage uniform with a helmet. After getting a closer look, the label revealed that the statue is actually representing a guerilla soldier—this explains why it’s dressed that way. These heroes are commonly overlooked so it’s nice to see them given honor in this island. They deserve to be recognized for their courage to fight the Japanese forces even after the defeat of the national armed forces.


Brotherhood Statues 

The sculptures in the walls depicting how the soldiers fought the Japanese forces in different regions were nicely engraved and polished. If I’m not mistaken, these were put up there only recently because they look new. The statue which depicts a soldier helping out a wounded comrade is really nice to see because it symbolizes compassion and brotherhood.

Statues and Symbolic Structures of Corregidor Island: Bas-reliefs
Bas-reliefs depicting war events
Symbolic Statue of Brotherhood
One of the many hero soldiers statues


Eternal Flame of Freedom & Spanish Lighthouse

It’s amazing how combining large pipes in a creative way can form an artwork which looks like a flame. The eternal flame of freedom is an unquenchable fire that men have been fighting for, for many generations. 

Symbolic Statue for Freedom
Eternal Flame of Freedom

We can also see a Spanish Lighthouse which symbolizes the Spanish foothold of the island. The Spanish strong campaign for Christianity is very evident in this Lighthouse.  They even designed its windows in the form of a cross.

Symbolic Structure of Spanish Foothold of the Island
Spanish Lighthouse


Pacific War Memorial

The Pacific War Memorial has a written carving honoring both American and Filipino soldiers who worked together in restoring peace in the Pacific Ocean area. 

Pacific War Memorial
Pacific War Memorial
Inside Pacific War Memorial
Inside Pacific War Memorial


Fertility Goddess Statue

For me, the most puzzling structure of them all is the fertility goddess statue. Most of the structures here are related to the war and the island’s history but it’s really hard to tell how they came up with an idea of putting a fertility goddess. According to our guide, the statue was positioned to face Japan. Perhaps this statue is a symbol that the Japanese used to occupy the island.

Symbolic Statue of Fertility
Fertility Goddess



Also, a tombstone was put up by Japanese visitors. It has a written carving which offers prayers to the soul of Filipino, American and Japanese soldiers. Perhaps it’s their way of expressing regret for what has happened. Plenty of people died on their side as well but this time—they’re only wishing everyone an everlasting peace

Repose of Souls
Japanese Tombstone

The tourist bus itself is a symbol of reconciliation because it’s filled with Filipinos, Americans and Japanese. Everyone is just enjoying the Island’s view this time instead of spraying bullets against each other like in the days of World War II. It’s sad that horrible things had to occur in the past, but perhaps that’s part of humanity’s growth process. What’s important is that humanity has matured in this area. We have forgiven one another and is now working together to maintain and promote peace around the world.

Symbolic Icon of Reconciliation
Corregidor Island’s Tourist Bus
Three Statues
Various Statues of Corregidor Island
Corregidor Island's Buffet Lunch
Buffet Lunch


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