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Picnic Grove – Tagaytay City, Cavite

Picnic Grove is a pleasant attraction in Tagaytay City that lets you embrace the beauty of nature. Surround yourself with its lush green trees and plants while enjoying a scenic view of Taal lake and the volcano. Escape the city noise and heat with its serene environment, cool temperature and soothing fresh air.

Picnic Grove - Tagaytay City, Cavite - Philippines
Picnic Grove – Tagaytay City

Your Picnic Grove experience won’t be complete without having a delightful picnic in their Picnic Town. Your food will taste much better because of its blissful surroundings. The soft touch of the cool breeze, the gentle sway of the pine trees and the sweet whispers of the birds will make you feel refreshed as you take every bite.

Picnic Huts of Picnic Grove - Tagaytay City, Cavite
Picnic Grove Huts

Whether it’s a short afternoon nap on its grassy field or a fun family gathering on its wooden tables—this charming place won’t fail to enhance the quality of your experience.

Exploring Picnic Grove

I’ve been here a few times since high school and I used to enjoy old-school skating at their oval. We later saw that the oval was converted to a motor parking lot. For most parts, I’m really happy that Picnic Grove hasn’t changed a lot since my first visit. In fact, it actually improved for the better. The huts, rails and walkways were regularly repainted and the entire place is clean and green as before.

Fun Family Picnic at Picnic Grove - Tagaytay City, Cavite
Fun Family Picnic at Picnic Grove

Every time we visit this place as a family, we make it a habit to bring a picnic mat to have a better outdoor feel. It’s nice to just lie down and relax in its picnic area while enjoying the beauty of nature. There was one time that I took a nap because its cold temperature made me feel sleepy. The picnic mat can also help you save money because renting their table will cost you P100.00.

Horseback Riding

It was our first time riding a horse when we went here in 2005. Their field is wide enough for the horse to get that chance to gallop a bit. The trainer made the horses walk more carefully most of the time for safety reasons. Having watched a lot of movies with horse riding scenes, it was nice to experience what it’s like firsthand.

Picnic Grove Horses - Tagaytay City, Cavite
Horseback Riding at Picnic Grove

It made me nostalgic about my childhood experience riding a water buffalo. I was about four years old and I can’t remember anymore who placed me on top of the water buffalo when I was playing with my friends in the province.

Small Horse at Picnic Grove - Tagaytay City, Cavite
Small horse for picture taking near the view deck of Picnic Grove

What I can’t forget is how the spine of the water buffalo hurt my bottom every time it walks because it doesn’t have a saddle. That experience made me appreciate the importance of having a saddle at the back of a horse.

Viewing Deck and Eco-trail

The viewing deck is practically the starting point of the Eco-trail. It allows you to get the widest view of Tagaytay and nearby provinces because it’s on top of an elevated corner in Picnic Grove. The pergola that they added there made the viewing deck look more elegant. It also lets you brace yourself for a long and tiring walk as you look at the length of the eco-trail on its right side.

Picnic Grove’s Viewing Deck
Eco-trail at Picnic Grove - Tagaytay City, Cavite
In the middle of our eco-trail leisure walk

A leisure walk at the Eco-trail is where you’ll get the best nature experience. It may seem tiring and hard if you look at the long trail but once you start walking and appreciate the view—you’ll feel more energized as your adventurous spirit fuels you. Having a fun conversation with your family and friends as you walk will make you forget about the time and distract you from your worn-out feet. You’ll just get surprised that you’re already at the end of the trail once you get there.

Stairs of eco-trail Picnic Grove - Tagaytay City, Cavite
Nature tripping at the eco-trail

Hanging Bridge and Zip Line

Several stops to take a photo or to simply check the view are expected here—especially if you travel with a group. The most popular stop, of course, is the hanging bridge. Picnic Grove’s shaky wooden bridge adds a thrill to your leisure walk. Stopping by in the middle of the bridge and then looking down below to see how high you are is a bone-chilling fun experience.

Hanging Bridge of Eco-trail - Picnic Grove - Tagaytay City, Cavite
Hanging Bridge of Picnic Grove

If you’re too lazy to walk and want to get ahead of your group, you can consider riding their zip line. This will take you straight to the opposite end of the eco-trail and will even spare you from the steep climb at the last part of the trail. If it’s the entire group that is too lazy to walk—they also have a cable car that can take everyone there.

Zipline and Cable Car at Picnic Grove - Tagaytay City, Cavite
Zipline and Cable Car

Signature Picnic Huts

I bet that the reason for having a lot of picnic huts at the end of the eco-trail is its closeness to the Taal volcano. Their strategic position on the slope gives the visitors an unobstructed view of Taal lake and the volcano. It’s great to see that these sheds are still looking as good as before. Their concrete and sturdy build are reliable.

Sheds and Cottages of Picnic Grove - Tagaytay City, Cavite
Picnic Huts with a view of Taal Lake

On top of providing shelter, they’re also there for aesthetic enhancement. Seeing them grouped is an inviting sight that makes the Picnic Grove more charming. Their images are used to represent the place.

Shopping and Recreational Activities

There’s a small group of stores near the picnic huts where you can buy souvenirs, ornaments and many other items. After our long and tiring walk, we can’t help but buy some refreshments there to make up for our lost body liquids. We also bought ice cream for our child to keep him from misbehaving.

Stores inside Picnic Grove - Tagaytay City, Cavite
Stores near the Picnic Huts
Picnic Bounce of Picnic Grove - Tagaytay City, Cavite
Picnic Grove’s Picnic Bounce

They have a new playing area called Picnic Bounce where parents can let their children play while they go look for items to buy. If you’re trying to save some money for your child’s recreation, you can feel free to bring your own kite and have them play at the kite-flying area.

Picnic Grove Rates

Entrance Fee: P50.00

Parking Fees
Cars or Vans: P35.00
Jeepneys: P50.00
Buses: P100.00

Cottages and Sheds
Table (8 pax): P100.00
Picnic Huts (8 pax): P150.00
Family Shed (16 pax): P300.00
Pavilion (20-25 pax): P500.00
Function Room at Viewdeck (70 pax): P2,500.00

Horseback Riding
Small Horse: P150.00
Big Horse: P200.00

Zipline & Cable Car

1-Way Ride: P200.00
2-Way Ride: P300.00
1-Way Ride: P300.00
2-Way Ride: P400.00
Additional Coffee Mug Souvenir: P200.00

Picnic Grove is open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Picnic Grove Map

Overnight Stay in Picnic Grove

If you want to have an overnight stay in Picnic Grove, it’s not available anymore. They used to have hostels inside the area in 2005 but we later saw they were already demolished. You may see some tents on their grounds but those are for day tour use only.

Tents and Hostels of Picnic Grove - Tagaytay City, Cavite
Tents and old hostels inside Picnic Grove

But if you want to have an overnight stay near the Picnic Grove, we have 5 hotel recommendations for you listed below.

Alzeah’s Place Room for Rent  

900 m from Picnic Grove
Address: 001 Seis De Junio Village, Barangay Sungay East, 4120 Tagaytay, Philippines
Mobile: 0922 894 0792

Private Unit at One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites

1.4 km from Picnic Grove
Address: 5th Floor, One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites, 445 Tagaytay-Calamba Road, Bo. Sungay West, 4120 Tagaytay, Philippines
Mobile: 0977 857 7750

One Tagaytay Place Private Residences

1.3 km from Picnic Grove
Address:  One Tagaytay Place, 445 Tagaytay-Calamba Road, Sungay West Tagaytay City, 4120 Tagaytay, Philippines
Mobile: 0917 847 3964

One Tagaytay Place – Room for Rent

1.5 km from Picnic Grove
Address:  445 Tagaytay – Calamba Road Unit 422, 4120 Tagaytay, Philippines

One Tagaytay Place by JG Vacation Rentals

1.5 km from Picnic Grove
Address: 445 Tagaytay-Calamba Road, Barrio Sungay West, 4120 Tagaytay, Philippines
Phone: (02) 274 5236

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