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7 Commandos Beach – El Nido, Palawan

7 Commandos Beach is a blissful white-sand beach in El Nido where you can relax and have a break after a tiring island hopping tour. It has some cozy cottages where you can have a snack or enjoy a siesta. A fruit snack like pineapple, melon or even a banana cue while sipping fresh coconut water on this island will make your nature experience more ideal. If you still have an extra energy, this island has a basketball ring and volleyball net where you can play together with your family or friends.

7 Commandos Beach - El Nido, Palawan Philippines
7 Commandos Beach – El Nido, Palawan

If you feel that hopping on this island won’t be enough for you—booking an overnight stay on this island is available as well. The island’s one and only resort is the Vellago Resort. A longer stay will let you enjoy swimming in the beach’s clear blue water and will give you more time to visit the two other beaches besides it. Those two are beaches are the Ipil-ipil Beach and the Papaya Beach.

Shore of 7 Commandos Beach El Nido Palawan
7 Commandos Beach’s Huts


Our 7 Commandos Beach Experience

During our visit here, we just came from a very tiring activity of kayaking and snorkeling. It was a hot day so we immediately took shelter on one of the cottages. It was really pleasant to see that they’re selling fresh coconuts cheaper here which is P50.00 pesos only per piece. The coconuts they’re selling in Shimizu Island is P100.00 per piece. My wife and I bought two coconuts and it was really refreshing to drink after a tiring tour.

Coconuts in 7 Commandos Beach
A relaxing view from the hut after sipping some coconut water

We had a fun talk about our experience during the tour while resting inside the cottage. Later on, I got very sleepy because of the gentle cold breeze and because my energy was a bit drained as well so I took a nap. My wife didn’t snorkel that’s why she had more energy to explore the beach further. The relaxing ambiance of the island made my short and sweet power nap very energizing. My headache was gone so I began exploring the beach.

Relaxation at 7 Commandos Beach
Visitors relaxing at the shades of 7 Commandos Beach


Island Activities 

Swimming in the beach’s clear blue sea also gives you the pleasure of enjoying a fantastic sight of the nearby islands. Like most of the islands in Palawan, the nearby islands in 7 Commandos Beach are filled with lush green trees and imposing karsts. Despite the number of visitors and parked boats on the beach, it was great to see that it’s free from trash. There are some dry seaweeds on the shore but I haven’t seen any plastics or cans.

Dry seaweeds at 7 Commandos Beach, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
Dry seaweeds at the shore of 7 Commandos Beach
7 Commandos Beach Karsts
A wonderful view of the karsts beside the 7 Commandos Beach

It was nice to see some of our tour guides having fun by playing basketball and volleyball after a tiresome job of watching over us. I wish I could join them but I’m still a bit drained and exhausted. I’ve seen some colleagues in our tourist boat taking a nap as well while waiting for our break to get finished. It’s really difficult to adjust from doing office work to active physical activities.

Basketball in 7 Commandos Beach
Activities in 7 Commandos Beach


Vellago Resort Amenities

Three-floor luxury cottages can be found on the left side of the beach. Its large restaurant offers a wide variety of food and wine despite the size of the resort. Like the cost of booking the room here, the food and drinks don’t come cheap but they’re served with a fine dining restaurant quality. Their reclining beach beds and chairs look grand and lavish.

7 Commandos Beach Stretch
A wide view of the 7 Commandos Beach
7 Commandos Beach parked boats
There are plenty of parked boats at the 7 Commandos Beach

The isolation of the 7 Commandos Beach makes it an ideal place to escape the noisy parties. Visitors who are after a relaxing environment that is peaceful and quiet would surely have a wonderful time on this beach. The resort builders strategically placed the loud beach activities on the opposite edge that’s far from the cottages to keep the area serene. This island is one of the many havens of El Nido that its visitors would surely enjoy.

Speed boat at 7 Commandos Beach
Cool speedboat dashing near the stretch of the beach


Buko (Coconut) – P50.00
Buko Rhum – P100.00
Banana Cue – P50.00

Cozy huts of 7 Commandos Beach
Cozy huts on the beach front


Vellago Resort

Email: info@vellago.com

Beach Villa: P32,000.00
Honeymoon suite: P29,500.00
Kingroom: P28,000.00
Queenroom: P27,000.00
Rate for additional person: Php 4’500/night (for Queenroom not available)
Rate excl. 12% VAT
The rate includes free breakfast, return boat transfer from Corong Corong to Vellago Resort.
Full advanced payment is required to finalize the booking.

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