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Philippine Military Academy – Baguio City

The Philippine Military Academy has put up an ideal training site when they picked Baguio City as their headquarters. Even the international boxing champion Manny Pacquiao trains here most of the time despite its distance from his hometown General Santos City. So what makes Baguio City an ideal place for training?

The Armed Forces Aircrafts in Philippine Military Academy
The Armed Forces’ Aircraft
The Armed Forces Tanks in Philippine Military Academy
Armed Forces’ Tanks and Howitzers


Philippine Military Academy HQ Environment

First, the air is always fresh in this city. Thanks to the abundant and flourishing green plants and leafy trees which keep the air fresh, breathing the cool and moist air of Baguio city is really refreshing. Second, the temperature is cool enough to keep you less dehydrated and sweaty when working out but not too cold to make you ill. The cold climate forces you to be more physically active to beat the cold. This reminds me of my ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) days where some of us were nose bleeding not just because we can’t understand the instructors, but because of the heat. Our training hours were very limited because as soon as 10 a.m. sets in, the sun’s rage is already firing at us.

The Armed Forces Training Exercise in Philippine Military Academy
Armed Forces’ Cadets on Training
The Armed Forces Artillery Philippine Military Academy
Armed Forces’ Howitzer checked out by baby

Third, the environment is very peaceful and relaxing. Baguio City has several parks and forests where you can concentrate on your training because of the quiet setting. The only sounds you’ll hear are humming of birds and insect noises. Lastly, the beautiful surrounding makes working out a pleasure. It’s like going on a tour while jogging at the same time. The clean surrounding and the rich varieties of plants in this city will give you that boost to run longer miles.

The Armed Forces Hut at the Philippine Military Academy
Armed Forces’ Hut
The Armed Forces Office in Philippine Military Academy
Armed Forces’ Office

Talking about the beautiful surrounding, the Armed Forces Committee that takes care of the place has done a great job of putting up several gardens which are evenly spread in the Philippine Military Academy’s premises. Each garden has a sweet combination of blue, red, pink and purple flowers with vivid colors which is a clear indication of how well these were taken care of.

Armed Forces’ Garden
The Armed Forces Giant Hat in Philippine Military Academy
Armed Forces’ Giant Hat



What’s nice about visiting military institutions like this is their example of discipline which is clearly displayed on how the whole place is very clean despite its size—even the large tanks, planes and the statues dirt-free. They are doing a great job of keeping everything in order and well-maintained. The visitors have guides to make sure that no one is randomly loitering around the area.

Armed Forces’ Cadets
Armed Forces’ on Training



We’ve seen some cozy wooden huts and climbed their very high treehouse. This gives everyone a nice place to hang out when off-duty. They’ve also put up a swimming-pool-looking artificial lagoon. It has colorful towers where badges with labels like delta, hawk hunters, eagle, etc.  can be seen. Perhaps it’s there to add that aquatic variety which completes the natural elements in the scene.

Armed Forces’ Tree House
The Armed Forces Pool
Armed Forces’ Artificial Lagoon

The Philippine Military Academy’s site in Baguio City is clearly not about enlisting and training soldiers alone, it’s one of Baguio City’s most admiring and well-kept tourist attractions that is a must for every visitor.

The Armed Forces HQ in Philippine Military Academy
Philippine Military Academy’s Main Building

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