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Ruins of Corregidor Island – Cavite

The ruins of Corregidor Island is a melancholic sight that serves as a reminder about the horrors of war. The classy buildings that were once used as barracks, offices and even grand events have been diminished to gloomy and broken frames. It’s also a great reminder that the sacrifice of our brave soldiers didn’t go in vain because of the freedom that we won.

Ruins of Corregidor Island: Bachelor Officer's Quarters
Ruins of Corredor Island – Cavite

Since Corregidor Island has been used as a front-line defense during World War II, it absorbed most of the heavy attacks from the Japanese which turned several of its buildings into ruins. Today, those ruins are still standing there and were left untouched. Perhaps they were left the way they are to remind everyone about the devastating effects of the war.

Ruins in Corregidor Island: Middle Side Barracks
Middle Side Barracks

Exploring the Ruins of Corregidor Island

We saw how the bullet and explosion marks are very evident in the walls of these ruins. If you were a young soldier full of dreams or a father with a wife and children that time, it must have been tough to have death stare right at your face every time it’s raining bombs and bullets. One wrong move and death’s peek-a-boo will give you the surprise of your life. Our soldiers really deserve to be given honor for their bravery and love for our country.

Ruins of Corregidor Island: Middle Side Barracks Close Up
Picture of middle side barracks before the war
Events Mansion in Corregidor Island
Events Mansion


The Buildings Before the War

I’ve seen the pictures of the buildings before they were bombed and found them to be very elegant in their western style. According to our tourist guide Stella, there were several parties and special events held in those buildings before the war because of their classy and large interior. I can imagine these buildings getting transformed back in their original form like in the ending scene in the movie Titanic. We can only wish that the war didn’t take place so we can enjoy their splendid beauty.

Bachelor Officers Quarter Entrance in Corregidor Island
Bachelor Officers Quarter Entrance
Movie House
Ruins of Corregidor Island: Movie House

This island is so crowded in the past that it even has its own Cinema House. I’ve read that this island was compared to Alcatraz and was also referred to as “The Rock” but it seems to be more of a luxury island instead of a prison island because of all the parties, fun activities and entertainment that has been happening here. It even has its own golf course, basketball court and tennis court.



Japanese Soldier Living in the Ruins

Our tourist guide shared to us an interesting story about a Japanese soldier who lived in one of the ruins. This soldier found a way to survive in Corregidor Island even after the Americans reclaimed the territory. If I remember it right, every three o’clock in the morning, he would sneak out to the flag pole to lower down the American Flag. After that, he will quickly hide again to his shelter. It took months for the Americans to catch him then deport him back to Japan. Check out the picture below to see the house ruin where he used to stay.

House Ruins in Corregidor Island
A Japanese soldier used this ruin as a shelter
Totally Ruined Building In Corregidor Island
Almost a total wreck

It’s nice to think that these will be the last ruins that we’ll ever. That the people have learned about the terrors of war already. But the sad reality of evil in this world which no amount of education can cure is a complicated matter to deal with. Adolf Hitler was a well-educated man and the same is true with his allies. I don’t want to see another world war in our generation but only God knows what the future holds.


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  1. Visited there in 2009 and was very impressed how well kept it was. Except for the hundreds of plastic bags(obviously from Manila) that had washed up on the shores and beaches. That was a heart breaking sight. Stayed over night at the one and only hotel. Food was good but rooms could be better, bathrooms specially.

    Other than that, it was a lot of fun.


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