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Heavy Artillery of Corregidor Island – Cavite

Corregidor Island’s heavy artillery were terrors of World War II which gave the Japanese forces a hard time to penetrate the Philippines. Since the island is strategically placed at the entry point of the country’s naval path going to the capital city (Manila), it was loaded with lots of heavy artilleries to prevent enemy warships from getting in. Capturing this island has been a priority even during the Spanish era.

Heavy Weapons
Heavy Artillery of Corregidor Island
Damaged Ballistic Weapons
Damaged Howitzer


The Heavy Artillery Advantage

The naval defense of this island was so strong that the Japanese had to launch an aerial attack on some of the visible howitzers to weaken it. They incurred heavy casualties on one of their attacks because of failure to anticipate strong currents. This drove their warships into the northern part of the island which was full of heavy armaments. When the Japanese captured this island later, they’ve taken advantage of using these weapons.

Small cannon
Baby Weapon
Baby cannon
Mother weapon
Mother of all weapons


Heavy Artillery’s Firepower

It’s our first time to see heavy weapons as big as these. According to our tour guide, it takes eight people to carry just one bullet—think about the reaction of those eight people every time the shooter missed his target. By the looks of these humongous weapons, you’ll realize how one gun can take so many lives in just one shot. Imagine how much more a weapon of mass destruction can do. In the days of swords and bows, the wounded warriors can still run or surrender in order to survive. But now, our modern weapons can instantly wipe out a city leaving no room for survivors.

Mega Weapon
Mega Mortar
Heavy weapon nice formation
Series of cannons


Reflection About The War

It’s really sad that people had to make the very things that can harm them because of greed, ignorance and lust for power. I would love to think that a time will come where people won’t have to make any of these but we all know that even the most peaceful town can’t avoid having criminals. In the end, the pen is still mightier than the sword. Kudos to those people who are campaigning against violence which helped educate the people and minimize wars in our modern times.

Heavy weapons in formation
Mega Mortars facing up

My wife and I are fond of history and World War II documentaries. Checking out the heavy artillery of Corregidor Island has really given us a great time. Seeing the magnanimous weapons up close is both fascinating and sad. These can help you relate to the struggles and horrors of war that our countrymen faced in the past. A trip here is quite an educational and enriching experience.

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