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Scenic Views of Corregidor Island – Cavite

Corregidor Island is rich with scenic views and panoramic landscapes. This small island will surely delight nature lovers with its lush green trees, captivating coastlines and stunning horizon view.

One of the scenic views of Corregidor Island - Cavite, Philippines
One of the scenic views of Corregidor Island


Capturing the Scenic Views of Corregidor Island

The thick clouds failed to stop the scenic views from giving us a warm welcome the moment we arrived at Corregidor Island. The view here rocks even in a low-light condition. Everyone was very excited to hop on the tourist bus not just because of eagerness to explore its beauty, but because of the sudden rain shower as well. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who got frustrated because of the weather but good thing the clouds went away after a few minutes.

Landing at Corregidor Island
Corregidor Island’s Entry Point
Corregidor Island’s Tourist Bus

Everyone was happy to see nature’s cooperation by not ruining our day-tour. The light rain even left us with cool and fresh air. The drizzle made the leaves around us greener. This made the mountainous slope of the island look more lively. It was really a great time to explore the island.

The dirty part of Corregidor Island’s shore
Corregidor Island's Clean Shore
Clean part of the shore


Island’s Cleanliness

When we reached the shore area, it was sad to see that it’s filled with trash. The tourist guide (Stella) told us that those garbages came from nearby cities. The strong waves carried them to the island. I believe that the government has a major role to play to keep those away but I’m still hoping to see the day where everyone is disciplined enough to know where to properly throw their trash. This would allow the government to spend the budget on health care or other important projects instead.

Creepy scenic views of Corregidor Island
Trees of Corregidor Island
One of the best scenic views of Corregidor Island
A nice view of the dock in Corregidor Island


Sight-seeing on the Island

There are different ways that you can enjoy sight-seeing in this island despite its steepness. It’s great that most of its parts have cemented roads. We’ve seen some fellas using ATVs (All-Terrain-Vehicle – P500.00/pax for 1 hour) to roam around and some who do it the classic way, on foot. I’m not sure if you can bring your own bicycle, skateboard, motorcycle, etc. there if you plan to go overnight. I haven’t seen a rental for those in their list either.

Corregidor Small Island
One of the elevated areas
Corregidor Lovers
Our moment in Corregidor Island


Special Island

We stopped in an elevated area which is high enough for us to see the special island that our tour guide told us about. It’s a small island that is shaped like a warship that was used by the U.S. forces to trick the Japanese Navy. Unfortunately, its view is on the opposite side of the bus. It’s not very visible enough on my end to take a picture of it. It was just a quick stop so there was no chance for us to get down the bus and have a better look.

Scenic Views in Corregidor Island
Contemplating in Corregidor Island
Nice Horizon
A nice view of the horizon


Enjoy the Scenic Views of Corregidor Island

The sight-seeing on the scenic views of Corregidor Island is simply refreshing.  Our nature experience here re-energized us to face our daily battles again. So if you’re looking for a relaxing place near Manila where you can enjoy an awesome beauty of nature, we recommend visiting Corregidor Island.

To learn about how to you can tour this island, please check out our Corregidor Island Travel Guide.

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