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Covid-19 Fundraising Campaign & Relief Goods Distribution

Covid-19 made a huge impact on the livelihood of most Filipinos so we’re encouraging our blessed countrymen to start a fundraising campaign to help in this time of crisis. You don’t need to be a rich philanthropist like Manny Pacquiao to help. Everyone can help in our own small way. The Batch ’96 of La Castellana National High School decided to use their existing fund to help our town. They also asked for help from friends to raise the budget so that more relief goods can be given to those who are severely affected. Most of the donors are of middle-class income only but are rich in love and compassion. Everyone can start their own fundraising campaign in their own communities.

COVID-19 Relief Goods Distribution
COVID-19 Fundraising Campaign
Covid-19 crisis food packs
Packing the first batch of relief goods


Start of the Covid-19 Fundraising Campaign

The campaign fund started with P10,000 but went up to P45,000 after receiving donations from batchmates and friends. With this amount, 150 relief goods were successfully packed. The task of purchasing, transporting and packing the goods wasn’t easy but everyone involved was very happy. We went to some of the most poverty-stricken areas of La Castellana to distribute the food packs.

Covid-19 relief goods recipients
Happy seniors after receiving the food packs
A grateful lady after receiving a food pack
We here can see how impoverished they are
Covid-19 relief goods recipients
It’s great to see how grateful they are for the relief goods

We later focused on giving relief goods to tricycle drivers and pedicab drivers because they’re the most financially affected by the quarantine. When the word came out, people started coming to our house in batches. We made sure that they’ve practiced social distancing while receiving the goods. Most of them brought their IDs to prove that they’re either a pedicab or tricycle driver. For those who failed to bring their ID, we just had to confirm from their colleagues who are lining up if they were indeed part of the group.

Group of tricycle and pedicab drivers practicing social distancing
Thankful tricycle and pedicab drivers
Social distancing during Covid-19 crisis
We encouraged our recipients to maintain social distancing while lining up for the relief goods

The happy reaction of our poor recipients is truly a treasure. We’re just glad that somehow, we were able to ease their difficult situation.

Jolly recipients of the food packs

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. – Jim Elliot


Second Wave of Relief Goods

To report to the donors, several photos of the food pack distribution were posted on Facebook. After seeing the poor condition of our kasimanwas, more batchmates and friends were inspired to donate. The second wave of donations amounted to P70,000. With this amount, we were able to pack 210 relief goods. The type of rice left in Puregold was more expensive and their stock of noodles already ran out so we replaced those with canned goods instead. We’ve done our best to put together a similar measure of food on the second wave of relief goods to make sure that the recipients will have a good amount of stock until the quarantine ends.

Packing up the second wave of the food packs
The second batch of the Covid-19 relief goods
Second batch of relief goods
Noodles are out of stock so we added more canned meat over sardines

Talking to our needy kasimanwas and hearing their struggles is quite heartbreaking. Even before the crisis, some of them resort to partnering their rice with just soy sauce, oil or salt as their viand. Because of the quarantine, life has become tougher for them. Seeing their smiles and hearing their gratefulness the moment we hand them the food packs is just pure joy.

Impoverished single mom living in nipa hut
PWD single mom with her kids
Distribution of relief goods
Another group of happy recipients

An amount of P115,000 was successfully raised. We started with 150 relief goods for the first batch, then 210 for the second batch. A total of 360 relief goods were successfully distributed to our poor kasimanwas.

Poor seniors that were given some food packs


Covid-19 Cash Aid is Not Enough?

Recently, a video interview of a 4Ps beneficiary named Alma Aquino has gained popularity in social media and Youtube because of her statement that the P8,000.00 government aid is just good for one week. Some Negros Occidental members of Kadamay were also complaining that P6,000.00 is not even enough for just one week.

We asked our relief good recipient Mr. Honorato Dequina on what he thinks about the P6,000 cash aid and he sounded shocked that some people find it short. He said that it should last for more than a month. He used to be a tricycle driver then later resorted to selling balut and nuts. He can’t sell now because of the quarantine. Unlike 4Ps members, he’s not relying on the government for money but tries to earn it on his own.
Joyful senior receiving the Covid-19 food packs
Their smiles make our effort all worth it


Giving Glory to God

We wanted our recipients to be reminded of God’s love and to give glory to Him so we inserted a paper with a list of what should be inside the food pack along with the John 3:16 Bible verse. A printout about the Easter Sunday and the resurrection of Jesus along with a Bible verse of Philippians 4:6-7 in Hiligaynon was posted in a spot near the house so that everyone coming to get the relief goods from us will have a chance to read it.

Relief goods with paper list inside
Food packs with a list of items and Bible verse inside
Print outs related to social distancing, Easter Sunday and Philippians 4:6-7 Bible verse

Regardless of how good or bad our situation in life is, we should always be thankful to God the way Job praised God at the lowest point of his life.

“In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ”
– Acts 20:35 –


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