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Instagram-Worthy Spots in Batangas

Are you one of those people who love taking photos of anything, anywhere? Be it yourself, the food you eat, or the place you’re at? We know that finding the perfect spot for your photos to share with your followers is not easy because we’re tired of the old themes—and we feel you! So why not give it a twist?

Instagram Worthy Spots in Batangas
Laiya Beach – Batangas

Take note: These locations can only be found in Batangas because you don’t have to travel so far to capture that perfect photo.

Here, we’ve listed down some places where you can take IG-Worthy photos to share with your friends online!

List of Instagram Worthy Spots in Batangas

1.  Pico De Loro Beach and Country Club

Known for its pure white sand, tranquil man-made lagoons, and the view of verdant mountains, this beach resort in Batangas is one of the best spots to have your photos taken for sure! You can enjoy and take photos with a coastal view, including the green mountains. Other than that, they can also offer you excellent accommodation during your stay, with modern and well-planned facilities, like an Instagram-worthy view from your room. If you’re the type of person to share everything—take note, everything, with your followers, you might as well want to dine in at San Coral Cafe, which serves various cuisines like the Mediterranean and our very own Filipino favorites. Want international cuisines? Visit the Lagoa Restaurant, Pico De Loro’s leisure dining hall, which serves an international buffet during holidays and weekends. Don’t forget to take photos of those mouth-watering food to share with your followers.

2. Fortune Island

Sick and tired of the usual beach photos? Then this is your next destination. This glorious, abandoned location will give you a taste of Greece, but in your own country. The images you’d take in this place would not just make your IG feed prettier but will satisfy your wanderlust as well. If you’re done taking photos in ruins, there are various activities you can do in this place as well, like camping, snorkeling, diving and swimming in the cold and sapphire waters.

3. Cintai Corita’s Garden

Want to go abroad to take superb photos, but are low on budget? Worry no more, because Cintai Corita’s Garden has a reek of Bali. Its wall accents, furniture, and several Buddhism-inspired figurines and sculptures prove that this place is truly Indonesian-inspired. If ever you get tired from taking photos, make sure to grab a meal in their restaurant that will give you a cooling breeze as you eat. After eating, you can take pictures as well on their wall crafted with more Indonesian-inspired designs.

4. Camp Netanya

Who wouldn’t love to have their IG photos taken in Santorini, Greece? Because I do! This Santorini-inspired resort will give you a glimpse of Greece.  The blue domes and white walls combination of the architecture will add details to your photo. You can also go trekking at Mt. Pinagbanderahan or take your photos while sailing. To complete your Santorini experience, make sure to go dining in their Greek-inspired wine bar. They offer a wide range of selection of food and beverages from different cuisines. Again, don’t forget to take photos of your food.

5. La Virginia Hotel and Resort

This Instagrammable resort will make you go places. Its different attractions are the best locations to take your photos at. No need to go to Indonesia, because they have a Buddha deck view. A Castle? No, it’s not only fantasy, because they have it! Enjoy the breathtaking view of Taal Lake as the cold breeze of the wind touches your hair and makes your hair fly. Take photos by the pool, treehouse, their very own Ifugao Village, and themed picnic huts.

Now that you have ideas on where your next destination is to take your IG-worthy photos, then what are you waiting for? Your followers are surely very excited to see your next post!

About the author: This article is a guest post by Angelo Castelda. He works as a contributor for a news magazine in Asia. He loves to learn and understand diverse cultures and aims to share through his writing his experiences around the world.

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