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Amana Waterpark – Pandi, Bulacan

Amana Waterpark is one of the most popular resorts in Bulacan. This 14-hectare resort has several sections where visitors can enjoy swimming in different ways. Its size is big enough to accommodate up to 13,000 people and the variety of fun activities you can do here is diverse enough to sustain your enjoyment.

Amana Waterpark and Resort - Bulacan, Philippines
Amana Waterpark – Bulacan

They have a large indoor swimming pool for those who are conscious of the sun’s heat. A dinosaur-themed section for the more adventurous. An Olympic size pool for those who want a greater challenge. A kiddie pool with a jolly minions theme and the best part is their wave pool which throws mini-tsunamis.

Amana Waterpark and Resort Entrance
Resort Entrance

Exploring Amana Waterpark

When you line up in the ticketing area, the first thing you’ll notice is their rotating globe with the resort’s logo. It’s clearly an imitation of Universal Studios but it’s also an indication that the resort is big enough to afford such. It took us some time before we were able to get our photo taken with the logo because a lot of visitors were lining up to get a picture there.

Amana’s Rotating Globe

After getting our tickets, the first group we met inside the resort is the Avengers. Various comic book and movie characters have statues here to brighten up the eyes of your kids. We’ve also seen statues for Justice League, X-Men, Transformers, Star Wars and Minions just to name a few.

Marvel Heroes

Kids who are fond of playing with their toys while in the bathtub or palanggana like what I did as a kid would enjoy the gigantic version of the bathtub and toys in this resort.

DC Heroes

Wave Pool

The wave pool is the first swimming pool that you’ll see when you enter the resort. It was inactive when we first arrived because they require at least 50 people in the pool before turning on the artificial wave machine. Since that was the case, we went first to our cottage to have a quick snack. In just a few moments, we were glad to see that it was filled with guests already and the wave pool was active.

Wave pool of Amana Waterpark Resort
Amana Waterpark’s Wave Pool

I remember our first wave pool experience in Splash Island but it was nothing compared to Amana’s. The waves here are much higher and wilder. It was really fun to jump on the water as it rises. My estimate is that the wave was lifting me up to a level that’s twice my height. I was like doing a high trampoline jump every time the wave comes.

Amana Waterpark Resort wavepool in action
The wave pool is warming up
The deeper part has the biggest waves

Another fun way to enjoy the waves is by riding a lifesaver. Simply lie down and relax while the waves push you to the edge of the pool. Seeing some people getting knocked down by the waves looks funny.

The waves will throw you to the shore

Kiddie Pools

After having enough fun with the waves, we decided to have a more relaxing swim by checking out the other pools. We came across a small pool with slides and several statues of the minions. Our child who is fond of the Minions movie can’t help but rush to it and enjoy its slides.

Amana Waterpark Resort: Kiddie Pool
Minions in the Amana Waterpark’s kiddie pool

There are other kiddie pools in the area but the section with several Minions is the best for kids. It has several slides, some showers and the quality of the minions’ statues were simply great.

Slides and showers for the kids

Jurassic Water World

Another fun section for both kids and adults is their Jurassic Water World. It has a shallow part that’s good for kids and a deep part for adults. Know what it’s like to be on the foot of a dinosaur with their monstrous statues. You can enjoy swimming here like you’re in a lake on an island filled with Dinosaurs.

Amana Waterpark Resort: Amana Waterpark Resort
Jurassic Water World
Various dinosaurs

The size of the two dinosaurs here could be the resort’s second-largest. The King Kong statue in the wave pool is clearly the biggest one. Those two dinosaurs are so big that we had to move a bit far from them just to be able to get a good photo of them both. Various dinosaurs are present as well in the entire section.

They’re definitely big

Batman Cave Pool

This is my wife’s favorite pool. It’s not because she’s a fan of Batman, but because she really hates the sun. This enclosed swimming pool will certainly help you beat the heat with its moderately cool water and roofed setup. The swimming pool is designed for kids as well because most parts of the pool are shallow.

Amana Waterpark Resort: Batman Cave Pool
Batman Cave Pool

Beautifully crafted giant mushrooms decorate the walls outside it. Because of them, my wife loved it even more due to the fact that she can also protect herself from the sun before even getting into the Batman Cave Pool.

Giant mushrooms

Enjoy a swimming spree at Amana Waterpark!

How To Get There

Amana Waterpark Resort Map

Amana Waterpark Resort Rates

Entrance Fee

Day Swimming (8AM-5PM): P250.00 for adult and P200.00 for child 4ft below and senior citizen with valid ID
Night Swimming(5PM-12MN): 210.00 for adult and P150.00 for child 4ft below and senior citizen with valid ID
Overnight Swimming (6PM-6AM): 210.00 for adult and P150.00 for child 4ft below and senior citizen with valid ID

Cottages: P600 – P2,500
Rooms: P2,000 – P3,500
Modern Umbrella (4 seater): P500.00
Videoke: P1,000.00
Grill Stand: P100.00

Available every Saturday and Sunday only
Zipline: P100.00 / 1-way, P150.00 / 2-way
Extreme Maxrider (Virtual Reality Ride): P80.00


Amana Waterpark Contact Details

Address: Santisima St., Bagong Barrio, Pandi, Bulacan
Manila Line: (02) 703-76-87, (02) 703-76-89
Bulacan Line: (044)-812-2160
Mobile: Sun : 0925-899-08-68, Globe: 0917-886-62-20, Smart : 0939-923-30-89
Email Address: amanawaterpark@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.amanawaterpark.ph

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