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Magpupungko Beach & Rock Formations – Siargao

Magpupungko Beach is a blissful place in Siargao that is known for its rock formations, white-sand beach and crystal clear blue waters. Visitors will surely have a great time bumming on its wide stretch while gazing at its charming surroundings. The beach area is filled with several eateries and food stalls that offer a good variety of local dishes. Gorge on tasty dishes and delicious desserts to level up your delightful beach experience.

Magpupungko Beach & Rock Formations - Siargao, Philippines
Magpupungko Beach & Rock Formations – Siargao

This beach is actually called in other names. We’ve seen labels which referred to it as Magpopongko and another as Magpupunko. There’s even a store in the area which is labeled Magkopongko which seems to refer to the site as well. But one thing is for sure, a visit to its enchanting rock formations is something you can’t afford to miss.

Mapupungko beach: White-sand
The white-sand beach of Mapupungko


Exploring Magpupungko Beach

After our tiring surfing escapade at Cloud 9 early in the morning, we decided to visit this beach after lunchtime. We hired a tricycle who agreed to take us to Magpupunko Beach and Tayangban cave pool for P1,000.00. The trip to Magpupungko took about 40 minutes because the road has certain parts that are very steep. If you’ve taken a tour using a tricycle before, I’m sure that you are already aware of its struggle to climb up elevated roads.

Magpupungko Beach banner
We love Magpupungko!
Stores and eateries of Magpupungko

The tricycle driver has shown us a picture of Magpupungko rock formation before the trip. But upon arriving there, we were very delighted to realize that Magpupungko has a wide white-sand beach as well. The length of the beach area seems to be around 600-700 meters. It’s really nice to know there’s another white-sand beach Siargao.

The menus on some of the restaurants


Beach Quality  

We went there on a Friday afternoon so it was great to see that it wasn’t crowded yet. After a short exploration, I can say that the quality of its sand is pretty close to the most popular beaches in the country. There were just some pebbles and some rocky parts on the shore but is clean and bright as a whole.

A scenic view of the beach
Magpupunko Beach crystal clear water
Clear as a drinking water

We wish that we brought our swimming clothes during that trip because the water looks very inviting. Looking down at the shore, the mossy stones and little objects were so visibly clear like they’re submerged under clean drinking water. Our son can’t help but just play on the shallow parts of the shore. He told us that he saw some fishes there.

Another angle of the beach


Rock Formations

After our short rest on the beach, we decided to look for the rock formations. We followed the visitors walking to the coast because we’re certain that the rock formations are just on the other side. After getting closer to the coastline, we saw more visitors taking an elevated walkway to reach the other side. There’s a certain rocky part where you need to climb up a bit.

Coast of Magpupungko Beach

We kept walking until we reached the cemented walkway going to the rock formations area. After getting there, we got awed by the crystal clear water in the area along with the rock formations. We were a bit frustrated because it was high tide during our visit and the peculiar form of the rocks below was covered by water. Despite that, we appreciate its other face of beauty.

Magpupungko Beach & Rock Formations Video

The water in this part is deeper but remained clear despite the waves. There were more people, who came here later and most of them are from Europe. Seeing them having a great time swimming, it made us regret further that we failed to bring our swimming clothes. In the end, we’re just thankful that we managed to get a good glance of its scenic beauty.

Entrance Fee: P50.00
Tour Rate: P1,000.00 (includes a visit to Tayangban Cave Pool)

There are no resorts or hotels where you can book within the beach area. The nearest hotel on the site is Villa Margarita’s Homestay.


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