Samal Island Resorts and Travel Guide

Samal Island Resorts have increased significantly and are flourishing as more and more visitors are flocking the island each year. The people’s growing awareness of its beautiful beaches and the kind of attention it’s getting online and in magazines continues to spark the interest of many visitors of the Mindanao region to discover more of its beauty. According to Sun Star Davao newspaper, Samal Island had 255,000 tourists in 2013 which is a big increase compared to the 250,000 in 2012. The resort owners are positive that more visitors will come this 2014.

Samal Island Resorts - Malipano Villas
Pearl Farm Beach Resort’s Malipano Villas
Samal Island Resorts - Golden Bay Resort and Spa
Golden Bay Resort and Spa

During our visit to Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Kaputian, we’ve seen several other beach resorts along the way. It’s not a surprise since this island is rich with white-sand beaches around it and its sea has gentle waves since it’s nestled inside the Davao Gulf. Given the chance to visit Davao City again, we might try another one of Samal Island’s fantastic beach resorts and even tour around the island more.

Samal Island Resorts and Travel Guide
Tiki Beach Resort plus an unknown resort.


Samal Island Resorts List

Alohamoana Resort
Purok 7, Calilic, Babak
Contact No: +63(927) 358-1489

Ana Marina
Brgy Balet, Babak District
Contact No: +63(82) 299-2992, +63(82) 299-0807

Babusanta Beach Resort
Linusotan, Talicud, Kaputian District
Contact No: +63(918) 726-1466

Bali-Bali Beach Resort
Brgy. Catagman, Island Garden City of Samal, Philippines
Contact No: +63 82 234 6415
Email: [email protected]

Banana House
Kaputian Highway Davao del Norte, 8119 Samal

Basanvilla Beach Forest
Barangay Aundanao, Igacos, Samal District, 8119 Samal
Contact No: 0917 867 3771

Blue Jaz Beach Resort and Water Park
Brgy Caliclic, Babak District
Contact No: +63(82) 302-8411, 082 303-1117, USA (727) 498-0215
Email: [email protected]

Bluewaters Village Resort
Limao, Samal Island
Contact No: +63(82) 303-2618, 0919 337-6987

Budyong Beach Resort
Brgy Camudmud, Babak District
Contact: On Site

Buenavista Island Resort
Ligid Island
Brgy Balet, Babak District
Contact No: +63(82) 298-0193, +63(82) 297-1432
Email: [email protected]

Caliclic Beach Resort (Public)
Caliclic, Samal Island
Contact: On Site

Camp Holiday Beach Resort
Kinawitnon, Babak
Contact No: +63 (82) 303-3294, +63(82) 227-5055, +63(918) 935-4278
Email: [email protected]

Canibad Beach Resort (Public)
Brgy Aundanao
Peñaplata District
Contact: On Site Facebook

Captain Hook’s Red Parrot Inn
Address: Kaputian, Island Garden City of Samal, Philippines
Contact No: +63(82) 286-1658, Mobile No: +63(908) 944-7805 or +63(907) 122-2091
Email: [email protected]

Chemas Garden Resort
Brgy Limao, Peñaplata District
Contact No:, +63(82) 303-0235, +63(917)-814-0814, +63(917) 702-5832
Email: [email protected]

Club Asiano Beach Resort
Camudmud, Babak
Contact: +63(916) 342-0769
Email: [email protected]

Coco Beach Resort
Brgy Caliclic, Babak District
Contact: On Site

Coral Garden and Marine Park
Talicud Island, Kaputian District
Contact No: +63(915) 698-7623

Costa Marina Beach Resort
Brgy Limao, Peñaplata District
Contact No: +63(82) 233-1209, Fax No: +63(82) 233-0229

Dayang Beach Resort
Linusotan, Talicud, Kaputian District
Contact No: +63(921) 307-0364

El Magic Resort
Brgy Caliclic, Babak District
Contact No: +63(920) 229-3310

Fernandez Beach Resort
Peñaplata District
Contact No: +63(915) 554-9273
Email: [email protected]

Florenda’s Beach Resort
Punta Catagman
Contact No: +63(929) 180-3175
Email: [email protected]

Golden Bay Beach Resort Spa
Limao, Samal
Contact No: +63(916) 366-2737
Email:[email protected]

Hi-5 Inland Resort
Brgy San Agustin, Babak District
Contact No: +63(919) 811-6920/(916) 325-2442/(910) 558-4230

Hof Gorei Resort
Brgy Adecor, Kaputian District
Contact No: +63(82) 286-0238, Mobile No: +63(918) 609-6966
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Holy Cross Beach Resort
Brgy Camudmud, Babak District
Contact No: +63(82) 221-9071 to 76

Ilihan Beach Resort
Brgy Camudmud, Babak District
Contact No: +63(82) 224-5343, +63(920) 254-4920
Email:[email protected]

Isla Cristina Beach Resort
Linusotan, Talicud, Kaputian District
Contact No: +63(917) 622-3610, +63(82) 234-7903, +63(917) 622-3610

Isla Reta Beach Resort
Sta Cruz, Talicud
Kaputian District

Island Ridge Mountain Resort
Brgy San Antonio
Babak District
Contact No: +63(82) 304-5784/ 302-5315/286-5051; +63(928) 545-3651/(922) 862-8064

Isla Beach Resort
Brgy Caliclic, Babak District
Contact: On-site

Jim’s Island Beach Club
Libud, Talicud
Kaputian District

Kalinawan Resort
Aundanao, Samal
Contact No: +63(082) 286-2844 or +63(082) 298-5298, Mobile No: +63(917) 700-7325
Email:[email protected]

Kaputian Beach Park
Poblacion, Kaputian District
Contact No: +63(82) 301-4096

Karen’s Private Resort
Circumferencial Road Brgy. San Isidro, Poblacion Babak, Davao del Norte, 8118 Samal

La Familia Homestyle Beach Resort
Limao, Samal
Contact No: +63(917) 620-9687
Email:[email protected]

La Vida Orchard Resort
Brgy Catagman, Peñaplata District
Contact No: +63(917) 770-0330

Leticia by the Sea
Address: Talicud Island, Santa Cruz, Philippines
Contact No: +63(82) 224-0501, Mobile No: +63(917) 702-5427
Email:[email protected]

Llanos Beach Resort
Talicud Island
Contact No: +63(927) 992-3317

Mahal’s Forest Resort
Kawag, Hagimit Falls
Contact No: +63(932) 475-1894
Email:[email protected]

Mahan Garden Resort
Brgy Caliclic, Babak District
Contact No: +63(82) 301-4022
Email:[email protected]

Marex Villarica Beach Resort
Tambo, Babak District
Contact No: +63(82) 302-1460, Mobile No: +63(917) 701-1128
Email:[email protected]

Mayumi Disney Sea
Brgy Catagman, Peñaplata District
Contact No: +63(82) 0114, +63(916) 718-9779, +63(921) 681-5812
Email:[email protected]

Maxima the House Above the Sea
San Jose, Penaplata
Contact No: +63(82) 286-1055, +63(927) 302-6054
Email:[email protected]

Monina Garden Resort
Brgy Villarica, Babak District
Contact No: +63(82) 301-4068

Palm Hill Park and Resort
Brgy Caliclic
Babak District

Pacific Little Secret
Talicud Island
Kaputian District

Paradise Island Park & Beach Resort
Brgy Caliclic, Babak District
Contact No: +63(82) 233-0251, +63(82) 234-1229,
Fax No: +63(982) 234-2926 ,
Cell No: +63(920) 954-6780
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Pearl Farm Beach Resort
Adecor, Kaputian
Contact No: (Davao) +63(82) 221-9970, Fax No: +63(82) 221-9979,
Manila (632) 750-1896
Email:[email protected]

Precious Garden of Samal
Miranda, Babak
Contact No: +63(82) 303-2818, Mobile No: +63(912) 901-1174 or +63(929) 256-9352
Email:[email protected]

Punta Del Sol Beach Resort
Brgy Catagman, Peñaplata District
Contact No: +63(82) 301-4018, Fax No: +63(82) 305-3838, Cell No: +63(917) 700-6253, Davao Booking Office – (082) 221-2121
Email: [email protected]

Rainbow Breeze Beach Resort
Caliclic, Babak
Contact No: +63(82) 302-3595, +63 (916) 797-7939 / (908) 862-7249
Email: [email protected]

RMPC XI Resort & Training Center
Camudmud, Babak
Contact No: +63(82) 304-1942, +63 (920) 422-7455

Rocky Beach Resort
P1, Catagman, Samal
Contact No: +63(82) 304-6758, +63(907) 658-9570
Email: [email protected]

Rosario Cottage
Purok Solid, Poblacion, Kaputian
Contact No: +63 (908) 507-7681

Samal Highlands Garden Resort
San Isidro, Babak

Samal Island Beach Park
Caliclic, Babak
Contact No: +63(82) 222-1585

Samal Seaside Resort
Tigpan, Balet Babak
Contact No: +63(922) 818-2323, USA 1-301-926-7570 / 011-6382-301-5971

Seaside Camp Site
P-7, Caliclic, Babak
Contact No: +63(82) 301-6282, +63 (947) 758-4576

Sonrisa de V Beach Resort (Palm Hill)
Caliclic, Babak
Contact No: +63(82) 303-0709, Cell No: +63(909) 999-1000 / (922) 800-1201

Sunset Beach Park
Kinawitnon, Babak
Contact No: +63 (930) 290-2464

Villa Amparo Garden Beach Resort
Brgy Camudmud, Babak District
Contact No: (+63)(82) 284 0692 / (+63) 922 8806977 / (+63) 999 8800225


How to Get to Samal Island Resorts

The first step is to get to Davao City because it is the gateway to Samal Island (Island Garden City of Samal).
Please check the list of ways below on how to get to Davao City:

By Land (Roll-On/Roll-Off):

Philtranco Bus Company offers a bus trip from Metro Manila to Davao City. Their Pasay/Cubao to Davao fare is P2160.00 for ordinary with 2 ferries included and P2730.00 for aircon with 2 ferries included.

Bus schedules:

By Air:

Considering the pricey one-way cost and the long travel time of the bus through roll-on/roll-off, most people wait for promo flights to go to Davao City.  Please check the airline links below until we find the one that provides the cheapest flights to Davao City.

Cebu Pacific
Philippine Airlines

What’s nice about Davao City is that it has an international airport (Francisco Bangoy International Airport) which allows visitors outside the country to visit it directly. But some flights require a connecting flight from Manila.

By Ferry:

If Davao City is the common gateway to Mindanao by air because of its international airport but CDO (Cagayan de Oro) is the ferry gateway to Mindanao. But please take note that the travel time from CDO to Davao City is around 5-7 hours.

Please click the link below for ferry schedules:

The next step
is to identify what wharf or RoRo (Roll-on/Roll-off) bus station we need to go based on the location of the Samal Island resort that we picked in the list provided.

To do this, we should understand first that Samal Island was divided into three former-municipalities of Babak, Samal and Kaputian but was merged in 1998 to a single city charter which is now called the Island Garden City of Samal. There’s also a smaller and separate island which is the Talicud Island that is located beside the Kaputian municipality.

Samal Island Resorts - Map
Island Garden City of Samal Map

We can see on the map that Babak is located in the northern part; Samal is at the center, while Kaputian together and Talicud are at the southern part of the island. Comparing these with the ships’ landing site will help us pick the right wharf closest to our resort of choice. There will be some cases where you need to pick a wharf that lands on a different municipality which is different from the municipality of our resort of choice because of border closeness.

Note: We recommend that you contact your resort of choice first to find out if they provide a transport service to pick you up from the hotel or airport from Davao City to save you the hassle of getting there on your own. Some resorts provide this transport service for free or just for a small additional fee.

Samal Island Wharf


KM.11 Sasa Wharf Schedule

Name of Ship(s)Departure from SasaDeparture from BabakRoutes
M/B Samal Quest*6:00AM (1st trip) Daily with 30 min. interval up to 9:30PM (Last trip)5:00AM (1st trip) Daily with 30 min. interval up to 10:00PM (Last trip)Sasa-Babak-Sasa

M/B Feliciana, M/B Victorio, M/B Ludil*, M/B Pal-Am*, M/B Mariflor*, M/B Aida*, M/B Amelia*, M/B Corazon*, M/B Rubelyn Jay*, M/B Casilak*, M/B Viva I & II*, M/B Viva II*, M/B Dolor*

Note: Schedule of Vessels for Daily Trips Vary Depending on Passenger Volume and Sequence in Interval.

Km. 11 Sasa Wharf rate:
Motorboat – P14.00

Km. 11 Sasa Wharf Ferryboat Landing rates:
Island City Express Bus to Kaputian beach – P70
Island City Express Bus to any point in Babak – P10.00


Sta. Ana Wharf Schedule

Name of ShipsPort of Davao CityDepartureDestination
ML Palbros-2Sta. Ana Pier9:15AMKaputian-IGACOS
MBCA PacificSta. Ana Pier10:00AMTalicud-IGACOS
MV PalbrosSta. Ana Pier12:00NNKaputian-IGACOS
MBCA Jessa-ExpressSta. Ana Pier12:30PMTalicud-IGACOS
MBCA ShirleySta. Ana Pier1:50PMKaputian-Talicud-IGACOS
ML GraceSta. Ana Pier3:15PMKaputian-Talicud-IGACOS
Name of ShipsPort of KaputianDepartureDestination
ML PalbrosPoblacion-Kaputian7:00AMSta. Ana Pier
ML GracePoblacion-Kaputian8:00AMSta. Ana Pier
MV Palbros-2Poblacion-Kaputian4:00PMSta. Ana Pier
Name of ShipsPort of Davao CityDepartureDestination
MBCA ShirleyBaybay Sta. Cruz7:00AMSta. Ana Pier
MBCA Jessa-ExpressBaybay Sta. Cruz8:00AMSta. Ana Pier
MBCA PacificBaybay Sta. Cruz4:00PMSta. Ana Pier

Sta. Ana Wharf rates:
Ferry – P50.00
Sea Taxi – P1,200.00
Private Ferry – P1,500.00

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