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Tigbao Hanging Bridge – Sevilla, Bohol

The Tigbao Hanging Bridge in Sevilla, Bohol can give you a quick and mild thrill during your tour. Its height is about 25 meters (82 feet) above the river.  Perhaps this bridge is one of those good places to start if you’re trying to overcome your fear of heights.

Tigbao Hanging Bridge - Bohol, Philippines
Tigbao Hanging Bridge – Sevilla, Bohol


Crossing the Tigbao Hanging Bridge 

This was our next stop after visiting the Tarsier Conservation Area. It’s not every day that you encounter a bridge that is alive, it’s so alive that it reacts wildly in each step you make when crossing it. Make sure to treat it gently if you don’t want to feel its wrath. It can get very violent when provoked.

Tigbao Hanging Bridge
Posing at the base of the Tigbao Hanging Bridge before crossing

This is one of those places on earth where you would want to be left alone. Standing in the middle of this bridge together with one-hundred sumo wrestlers would be unimaginable. If you want to go Indiana Jones, you can buy a cowboy hat in the souvenir shop at the end of the bridge. Crossing here is an adventure but don’t expect any jumping crocodiles that will try to chase you in this family-friendly river.

Middle Part of Hanging Bridge
People lined up to cross the Tigabo Hanging Bridge


Bridge Materials

The whole bridge is actually made out of metal—they just added some bamboo flooring to give it a native look. So if you see termites causing the bamboos to get frail, you have nothing to worry about, but if you see rusts causing the bridge to get brittle—be very afraid.

Hanging Bridge Close Up
I was on the other bridge so I can take this photo


Two Bridges

My beloved wife was the brave spirit who went ahead of me in crossing the bridge, but she happens to be uncomfortable in crossing it all the way. Since she always gives me the easy tasks, she had me cross the bridge then transfer to the other bridge to come back to her. When I was near enough to take a picture of her, she moved in a quarter part of the bridge, posed then hurried back to its base again.

Loboc River
View of Loboc river

Standing in the middle of the bridge gives you a great view of the river. It’s really nice to see rivers like this surrounded by lush green plants and free from any garbage. Kudos to the local residents who are helping maintain its cleanliness. Their discipline in properly disposing of their garbage deserves credit. I hope more people will learn from them.


Tigbao Hanging Bridge Entrance Fee


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