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Trappist Gift Shop – Jordan, Guimaras

Trappist Gift Shop lets you extend your Guimaras sweet mangoes experience through their variety of mango products. Their reasonably priced products like mango jam, mango juice, dried mango, mango bars and more are all locally manufactured using Guimaras’ very own sweet mangoes. Neatly packaged and made to last long, bringing home some of these also lets you share your Guimaras experience with your friends and loved ones.

Trappist Gift Shop - San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras
Trappist Gift Shop – Jordan, Guimaras
Trappist Gift Shop Entrance - Guimaras
Entrance to Trappist Gift Shop

Their products are not limited to sweet mangoes alone. Fruit products for calamansi, guava, ginger along with bakery products like polvoron, crinkles and biscocho are available here as well. On top of food products, they’re also selling souvenir items like t-shirts, purses, bracelets and other ornaments. As a Roman Catholic monastery gift shop, you can also expect to see religious books, statues, paintings along with rosaries.

Trappist Gift Shop snacks
Snacks in Trappist Gift Shop
Building of Trappist Gift Shop
A full view of Trappist Gift Shop

We bought a box of crinkles for our child and gave it a try ourselves. The quality of its taste and softness is clearly beyond your average crinkles that we really liked. We liked it so much that we had to eat it in small bites to really savor its taste. We also bought some mango jams and dried mangoes. The sweetness and juiciness of Guimaras’ mangoes are undeniably deeply penetrated in these products. The chewy dried mangoes and flavorful jams are heavenly in every bite. A visit to this gift shop is highly recommended.

Trappist Abbey complex
A map of the Trappist Abbey complex


Trappist Gift Shop Products List:

Mango Jam P95.00
Guava Jelly P74.00
Mango Juice 70.00
Calamansi Marmalade 74.00
Ginger Brew 75.00
Dried Mango P80.00
Mango Bars 90.00
Fruit Bar P95.00
Mango Biscocho P37.00
Otap P40.00
Mango Otap Box P75.00
Polvoron P27.00
Mango Barquiloos P60.00
Biscocho P30.00
Crinkles Box P145.00

Ornaments price ranges from 10, 20 to 100 pesos

Trappist Gift Shop logo
Welcome to Trappist Gift Shop!

Contact Information

Tel : (033) 396-7311 Cell: 09189146240
Email: trappistfood@yahoo.com

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  1. Hi: how much is the shipping to Talamban, Cebu City.
    Is it ok for you to send items and we will pay to couriers COD?


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