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Big Lagoon – El Nido, Palawan

Big Lagoon is El Nido’s answer for a big adventure that its visitors are raving about. Traversing its long valley of gigantic karsts while looking down below its deep and mesmerizing water is a thrilling experience that you couldn’t miss. Immerse yourself in the strong spirit of nature as you look around and explore this magnificent natural wonder.  Its broad size will challenge your endurance and test your energy level as you wander around with a mere paddle.

Big Lagoon with Couple
Big Lagoon – El Nido, Palawan
Rhino rock in Big Lagoon
A rhino-shaped rock greeted us as we entered the passageway to the Big Lagoon

The sight of this enchanting place is truly rare. It projects an image that the mind can’t easily erase. The entire surrounding looks cinematic and appears to be a common setting for scenes with mystical creatures and fantasy. Its sharp and monstrous rocks are like sturdy golems that are standing proud and keenly guarding a transcendent realm. The trees and shadowy spaces on the massive rocks seem to serve as shelters for creatures that are silently peeking at its lost visitors.

A wonderful view right below us


Our Experience at Big Lagoon

This was our next stop after visiting the Small Lagoon. Like what I mentioned in my previous post, we were given the choice to kayak our way to the Big Lagoon from the Small Lagoon or to ride our tourist boat to get there. We were the only couple who are too lazy to kayak our way to the Big Lagoon so we decided to take the tourist boat.  We thought of saving our energies for the rest of the attractions.

Kayaking to the Big Lagoon - El Nido
Our colleagues kayaking their way to the Big Lagoon
Cute girl by the boat at El Nido
Chilling out as we wait for the tourist boat to reach the Big Lagoon
Couple at El Nido
A quick couple shot before kayaking

Since our boatmen took some time to load back our kayaks to the tourist boat then unload them back near the Big Lagoon—we were a bit late in getting to our drop point. But coming in late has its advantages. There were almost no other kayaks in sight when we were traversing the path going to the Big Lagoon. Our isolation made our expedition look more adventurous which was really great.

No other tourists in sight when we started to kayak. Just some empty kayaks from afar
Raft at Big Lagoon, El Nido
A nice looking raft for hanging out


Exploring the Big Lagoon

As we leisurely kayak towards the Big Lagoon, we were looking high above most of the time as if we’re expecting an ambush. We can’t help but get awed at the marvelous sight of the gray and solid karsts that you wouldn’t normally see in most of the beaches here in the Philippines. The vastness of the path and the intimidating sight of the colossal rocks on both sides felt like a scene in the movie Avatar.

Big Lagoon's wide path
Our adventurous journey to the Big Lagoon
Checking for a potential ambush
Big Lagoon - El Nido, Palawan Philippines
Finally reached the Big Lagoon!

As we enter inside the Big Lagoon, we were overwhelmed by its size and beauty. It was a great pleasure to explore the many angles of the lagoon despite its size. We were so energized that we never felt tired kayaking around the Big Lagoon. There were some shallow parts in this lagoon where we’ve seen some corals and seaweeds. The wonderful sight at every angle whether high above or down below was absolutely a delight.

Clean and clear blue water


Strong Wind Struggle

As the last couple to enter the Big Lagoon, we were also the last one to exit. We’ve tried to take as many photos we can and went to different corners to the make the most out of our exploration. We later noticed that our colleagues were already far from us and are heading back to the tourist boat. So we rushed to follow them but another wonderful view of the exit’s passageway caught our attention and resulted in one more photo op.

Kayaking at El Nido's Big Lagoon in Palawan
The karsts look awesome!
Big Lagoon's Exit
The long path to exit the Big Lagoon

We later rushed paddling again to catch up with our colleagues.  But when we were close to the open sea, a strong wind started pushing us back. The wind’s timing was really weird. Although the couple in front of us was a bit far—we haven’t seen them struggle from the wind. It felt that the wind intently started blowing when it was our turn to leave. We kept paddling fast and hard but we were stationary because the wind was blowing at us constantly.

How Juliet lies down whenever I take a front view photo

The wind’s blow eventually got fainter and we were able to slightly move forward. Our speed kept increasing as the wind’s blow gradually goes fainter and fainter until it dissipated. We both had fun and laughed at that intense experience. It felt that we were being punished by being late twice. It was really nice to end our adventure inside the Big Lagoon with a bang.


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