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Shimizu Island Beach, Karsts & Lunch Delight – El Nido, Palawan

Shimizu Island is the perfect spot to take a break and enjoy a sumptuous meal after a tiring adventure in El Nido. Ideally positioned at the center of the attractions, it’s easy and convenient to access. Its white-sand beach is a cool place to get shelter and to hang out because it’s filled with lush green trees. Like in most parts of El Nido, you can enjoy swimming in its clear blue water while enjoying an awesome view of the karsts.

Shimizu Island - El Nido, Palawan, Philippines
Shimizu Island – El Nido, Palawan
Sharp Karsts in Shimizu Island
Sharp and massive karsts of Shimizu Island

The rock formations in this island have more varieties than the usual. The fiery tulip shaped one is the most fascinating. There were a few other rocks with a small base but a large body which seem to have some parts chipped away by the strong waves over a long time. A small cave was also formed on one section of the rocks. A few karsts like these can be seen from different provinces but it’s only in Palawan where we’ve seen them this massive.

Shimizu Island Cave
A small cave was somehow formed in between these solid rocks
Simizu Island's Karsts and Trees
Wonderful view of the karsts along with the lush green trees


Arrival at Shimizu Island

After a tiring exploration of the Big Lagoon, we got excited about what we saw on board our tourist boat. The large and meaty fish that’s getting ready to be grilled along with some sticks of kebab was really mouth-watering. As we were approaching Shimizu Island’s white-sand beach, we saw another group of tourists who are getting ready to have their lunch as well. Some of them were having fun swimming while their food is being prepared.

Large Fish at Shimizu Island - El Nido, Palawan
A pleasant surprise after hopping back our boat
Swimming at Shimizu Island Beach
Enjoying a swim while waiting for the food to get cooked

Our excitement kept building up as we look at the baskets of food getting delivered. There was also a boatman who is selling fresh coconuts for P150.00 pesos each. As a local who is living in a province where we grow our own coconuts, we found it a bit costly so we skipped buying one. Soft drinks and ice cream were also sold by other local folks. It was great that our meal package includes some fruits for dessert so we never had to buy an ice cream. We had to buy some soft drinks to aid our digestion because we tend to overeat.

Food supplies at Shimizu Island El Nido
We’re all excited for these
Coconuts at Shimizu Island El Nido
Coconuts for sale at P150.00 each


Quick Tour around the Beach

While waiting for our food to get cooked, my wife and I had a quick chit-chat with our guide and the other tourists. I later explored the island to take photos of the rock formations then I found a monitor lizard lurking around. It seems like it’s waiting for leftovers like a stray dog. We’ve seen monitor lizards like these during our trip to Palawan’s Underground River and they are tamed and harmless.  The other tourists started gathering around to see it but it quickly ran off towards the trees to hide.

Monitor Lizard at Shimizu Island, El Nido
Shimizu Island’s monitor lizard
Lunch is served at El Nido, Palawan
Great food selection

The food was finally ready for our two groups and we can see each to other’s menu since our tables are pretty close. The other group was kind enough to let me take a photo of their lunch. Their food with grilled pork and big squids looks tempting but since it’s a common menu in most restaurants here in the Philippines—I’m glad that ours is a bit unique. I was really eager to get a taste of the large and meaty fish that was served to us.

Grilled big fish at Shimizu Island
Greater food selection :)


Full, Happy and Satisfied

It was a real pleasure to have lunch while enjoying a wonderful view of the beach and the karsts. We sat on a big rock where we can submerge our feet in the water while eating to relive our experience at Villa Escudero. I took a chunk of the big fish’s meat which was very white and well-cooked. Its taste was wonderful. I added some soy sauce to make it more flavorful. The kebab’s meat was tender and tasty. All of these mixed together with a fresh vegetable salad was fantastic.

Lunch by the seashore with my feet submerged in the water
Pinching the meat of the large fish at Shimizu Island
Half of this fish is too heavy on the tummy already

The fish was so big for our group that we were only able to eat half of it. My stomach was already hurting but my mouth can’t stop gorging on the food. I had to lean back a bit because sitting up straight hurts my stomach a bit. The acid of the soft drinks somehow helped our digestion. Our tour was booked through El Nido Boutique and Art Cafe. I can’t guarantee if they’ll serve the same kind of big fish when you book through them but at least there’s a good chance. We recommend booking your tour through them because of their wonderful service to us.

Simizu Island's Boat with Karsts - El Nido, Palawan
Shimizu Island is waiting for you

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