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Capilay Spring Park – San Juan, Siquijor

Capilay Spring Park in the town of San Juan, Siquijor is a neat place to hang out or have a swim. It nice to see how well-maintained and clean despite the falling leaves around it. It has some cozy-looking cottages which are great for snack time and plenty of long stools where you can simply relax or have fun activities like playing chess, painting, reading or simply meditating.

Capilay Spring Park
Capilay Spring Park


Capilay Spring Park Environment

We went here after visiting the Salagdoong Beach Resort. l love how this place is abundant with trees and plants. You’ll surely enjoy its fresh air and feel less heat. There’s an open space where kids can play classic pinoy games like luksong tinik, Chinese garter, luksong baka and other recreational activities.

Capilay Spring Park all-natural spring
A closer look at the swimming pool


Swimming  Pool

The best part is swimming in its wide swimming pool with all-natural chlorine-free water. This place would definitely give you the best value for your money—oh wait, there’s no entrance fee.

I envy the locals for having a free sping park like this. It’s surprisingly empty despite the lack of entrance fee. Perhaps its because we went there during office hours but it might get a lot of visitors after 5:00 PM.

Beautiful woman looking at spring
The fence of Capilay Spring Park

It’s good to know that Siquijor’s local government takes good care of leisure parks like this where people can hang-out on their free time without costing them any money. It’s really a cool place to rest a bit during your tour in Siquijor before moving to the next tourist attraction.



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