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Night in Cebu City: Shop and Stroll in Ayala Mall

After a fun trip in Bohol, my beloved wife Juliet and I had to stay overnight in Cebu City before parting our ways. We had to part ways because she’s staying in Negros Occidental which doesn’t have a direct flight in Bohol and I’m staying in Metro Manila. Cebu was the best spot for us to meet first before heading to Bohol by ferry.

A colorful evening in Cebu
Cebu City at Night

We were very hungry after a tiring commute from Tagbilaran, so we took pleasure in having a plentiful meal that night before wandering that evening. There are plenty of fast foods and restaurants to choose from in Cebu Ayala Mall, but we decided to go Japanese that evening. Teriyaki Boy has done a great job serving us a delicious meal.

Juliet in Japanese restaurant in Cebu Ayala Mall
Cebu Ayala Mall Teriyaki Boy

It was late November 2011 when we went there. Since Christmas was near, we had a great time walking around the city because of its colorful Christmas lights. Joyful Christmas songs were played everywhere. In case you’re from another country, you might be wondering why there are Christmas lights put up already as early as November. Actually, we Filipinos have the reputation of having the longest Christmas season in the world.

Enjoying a fantastic evening in Cebu Ayala Mall
EJ at Cebu Ayala Mall

People are making Parols (colorful star lanterns) as early as September with some radio stations playing Christmas jingles already. I remember way back in early 1990s where firecrackers were also sold as early September. Later, the government had to put a limit to it because of the number of injuries.

Juliet standing beside a giant Christmas tree in Cebu Ayala Mall
Cebu Ayala Mall Christmas Tree

After Juliet was done shopping, we strolled outside the mall to relax while enjoying the view. We found out that the former Rivermaya Band vocalist Rico Blanco was having a concert in the mall’s open space. We stopped by for a short time to watch him sing his popular songs before going to our hotel room. The night we spent in Cebu City was short but sweet.

Rico Blanco’s Concert in Cebu Ayala Mall

This is our final stop in our Cebu City Travel Quickie series.  We went to Cebu again a few months later to enjoy its Extreme Sky Adventure and Whale Sharks in Oslob. Please watch out for our second Cebu travel series soon.

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