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Guyam Island – Siargao, Surigao del Norte

Guyam Island is the best siesta spot in Siargao. This laid-back island is filled with thick-leaved trees where you can get a good shade as you relax. Its café has several mats with pillows where you can lie down to rest or have a quick power nap. You can also chill out in their native-woven hammock as you enjoy the island’s blissful ambiance and fresh air.

Guyam Island - Siargao, Philippines
Guyam Island – Siargao

Enjoy a variety of delicious refreshments from their snack bar or gorge on their proudly made Guyum burger. Their mango shakes that are blended with different sweets will elevate the joy of your afternoon break. Sipping on their tasty drinks while enjoying the pleasant view of the island’s shore is simply heavenly.

Snack bar of Guyam Island
Guyam Island’s café


Exploring Guyam Island

Guyam Island was our third stop during our island-hopping tour. After a tiring exploration at the Naked Island and exhausting swimming at Daku Island, it was great to see a spot where we can settle down to relax. The Filipino (Cebuano) word guyam means “ant” in English. It’s not because there are several ants in the area but because of its tiny size.

Guyam Island logo
We love Guyam Island!

If you check the map of Siargao, you’ll see how it’s 100x smaller compared to the nearby Daku Island. It may be small but there are plenty of things you can do here. If you still have a lot of energy after an island hopping tour—you can even play basketball in their half-court.


Guyam Island Video


Beach Quality

One of the unique things about this island is its rocky beach section. It has a nice white-sand beach but certain parts are full of solid rocks. You can sit on one of them near the sea and the gentle waves won’t hit you. This will allow you to have a greater view of the horizon and listen to the soothing sound of the waves without getting wet. A great spot to have a late afternoon meditation.

The rocky part of Guyam Island
He can’t help but play with the sands

See our son delving into Guyam Island’s sands to build a wall or castle says a lot about its beach quality. There were some seaweeds but the water is crystal clear and great for swimming. Despite the size of the island, the beach is wide enough to accommodate a big number of visitors compared to your typical swimming pool resorts.

The wide white-sand beach of Guyam Island


Accommodation and Snacks

If you’re going to check the island’s cottage and table rental rates below, you’ll see that they’re definitely not cheap. The best way that you can make the most of your spending is to buy some refreshments from their snack bar. By doing so, you can freely chill out in their wooden tables with native mats without spending anything extra.

A pretty neat setup in their café

You won’t need any umbrellas or huts to get a good shade there because of the trees all around. It was really nice having a relaxing swing in their hammock while drinking their tasty mango shake. You can tell that they’ve put a lot of mangoes in the shake because it was very fruity.

It’s really nice to have a sip while swinging gently here

Since we had a big lunch at Daku Island, our stomachs ran out of space to try out one of their burgers. A visit to this tiny island is definitely a great way to finalize our island-hopping.

Chilling out in the shade


Guyam Island Resort Rates

Entrance Fee: P30.00
Cottage Rental: P350.00
Sun Bathing Bed: P100.00
Table, Chairs & Umbrella: P250.00

Guyam Island rates
Guyam Island is a private resort says the billboard


Café Rates

Guyum’s Burger
Naked Island Burger: P169.00
Guyam Island Burger: P189.00
Daku Island Burger: P249.00

a. Mango: P129.00
b. Mango Graham: P139.00
c. Coffee Mango: P139.00
d. Mango Pineapple: P149.00
e. Mango Kitkat: P169.00
f. Mango Tequila: P169.00

Guyam Island awaits you…

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