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Daku Island – Siargao, Surigao del Norte

Daku Island is the grandest island in Siargao. Its wide white-sand beach with crystal clear blue water will surely give you a superb swimming experience. Aside from being the biggest in landmass, this island is also large in terms of seafood serving. Enjoy a delightful lunch here by gorging on large fishes, squids, crabs, and more—that are freshly caught from the source.

Daku Island - Siargao, Surigao del Norte
Daku Island – Siargao

The Visayan word “Daku” means “Big” in English. The locals have a good reason to give this island that name because it’s the biggest island that you can visit in Siargao. Beyond the size is a panoramic beauty of the sea and the glimmering shore. The cozy native huts that are wonderfully lined up are elegant ornaments that enhance the exotic beauty of this island.

Daku Island's dock - Siargao
The dock of Daku Island


Exploring Daku Island

We went to Daku Island after our short visit to Naked Island. The moment we hopped out of our boat, our son immediately rushed into its swimming area. I can’t blame him for doing so because the white sand and clear water look very inviting. Like a mole, he started digging on the sands which are soft and easy to mold. Walking on its sand barefoot is soothing to the feet.

Playing sand at Daku Island
The soft sand of Daku Island
The white floaters indicate the safe boundary

The swimming area has a boundary floater so that the visitors would immediately know up to which part would be safe to swim. The cleanliness and clarity of the seawater here were definitely exceptional. It was really nice to have a dive in its water while looking at how clear the view below is. You will see in our short video how clear the water is.


Daku Island Video

The water is crystal clear


Sumptuous Seafood

One of the best parts of our tour was gorging on fresh grilled seafood. The large fish they served has very white and tender meat. A pinch of its meat dipped in soy sauce with calamansi (lime) was very yummy. The large squids with their firm and tasty meat were awesome. Partnered with eggplants that were fried with eggs along with some fresh ones—everything was simply fantastic.

seafood lunch at Daku Island - Siargao
The best island in Siargao to have lunch
Large seashells for sale

The large cozy huts in the beach could accommodate up to eight people. Despite the afternoon heat, it was cool inside the hut. The roof’s thick nipa leaves are very good insulators. The wonderful ambiance and view from the hut made our food taste better. Having lunch in this blissful island is truly a pleasure.

Daku Island's cozy huts - Siargao
Cozy huts of Daku Island



Beach Size

After taking a short nap after our lunch, I took a stroll around the island and found out that the beach area is wider than what I initially thought. After going walking behind the huts and passing through a coconut tree area, I found that there’s another wide beach stretch in the area. There were a group of huts there as well which seems to be owned by another resort.

Daku Island beach adjacent to the main beach
Another large beach within Daku Island

Unlike in our beach area, there were several Caucasian tourists in that part. I took a closer look and noticed that it has a higher elevation instead of a gradual slope like the one on the other side. I also tried walking barefoot there and found that the quality of the sands there doesn’t seem as refined compared to the one in the main landing area.

Welcome to Daku Island!

Overall, the beach quality on that part of Daku Island is still better compared to several beaches here in the Philippines. Daku Island is my personal favorite in Siargao. It’s also one of the best beaches that I’ve been to so far.


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