Laiya Beach Resorts and Travel Guide – Batangas

Laiya Beach in San Juan, Batangas is the place to go if you’re looking for an awesome summer getaway that’s close to Metro Manila. With just a 2-3 hour travel time, you can enjoy a fine white sand beach experience at a decent price. Well-developed resorts have sprung up on its beach. They offer amenities that would make your beach experience more convenient and fun. This is one of the must-see beaches in Luzon.

Laiya Beach Resort - San, Juan Batangas
Laiya Beach – San Juan, Batangas
Laiya Beach Resort - White Cove
White Cove

Laiya Beach is very child-friendly because of its gentle waves and shallow waters.  All of these were made possible by the beautiful islands that surround and protect it from the big waves of the open sea. It’s nice to see plenty of lush trees and plants greatly outnumbering the few resort buildings and hotels, unlike what we’ve seen in other resorts.  This equates to a fresher air and a cooler surrounding.

Laiya Beach Resort - White Cove Umbrellas
Laiya White Cove Beach Umbrellas


Exploring Laiya Beach

We had a fun experience at Laiya’s beach and I recommend that you add it in your list of places to visit when you tour Batangas. I hope that our list of resorts and guide below can help you plan your travel easily.


Laiya Map

Laiya Map

List of Laiya Beach Resorts:

Acuatico Beach Resort
Telephone: +632 892-7577 to 79,+632 408-8383
Mobile: +63918-9482422 or +63915-8837521
Fax: +632 892-6877
Email: [email protected]

Acuaverde Beach Resort
Telephone: +632 892-7577 to 79, 381-7757
Fax: +632 892-6877
Email: [email protected]

Alahbiga Beach Resort
Telephone: (043) 575-8221
Mobile: (+63)9062262277 (Globe), (+63)9088814050 (Smart)
Email: [email protected]

Balai sa San Juan
Telephone: (+632)2402927, (+632)2345291
Email: [email protected]

Blue Coral Beach Resort
Telephone: +632 559-9747, +632 559-9754
+632 567-4376, +632 986-8668
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

Casa Dolores Beach Resort
Telephone: +63 43 420 0329
Mobile: +639178677442 +639999919603
E-Mail: casadoloresbeachresort

Doña Nena Beach Resort
Mobile: (+63)918411-6220

Estrellas De Mendoza
Telephone: +632 819-6050, +632 819-6049

Kabayan Resort
Telephone: +632 709-1470, +632 709-0115
Mobile: +63917-6279357, +63917-8963312
Email: [email protected]

Laiya Austria Beach Resort
Mobile: 0998-5314730
Email: [email protected]

Les Caraibes Beach Resort
Telephone: (043)575-83-26
Mobile: +63920-970-6985
E-mail: [email protected]

Laiya Coco Grove
Telephone: +632 894-1057, +632 892-6009
Fax: +632 894-1058

Laiya Moonlight Beach Resort
Telephone: (02) 710-5663
Mobile: Smart – 09202215493, Globe – 09166719833, Sun – 09436926125
E-mail: [email protected]

Laiya White Cove
Telephone: +632 925-2562, +632 926-9348, +632 994-7392, +632 871-1235
Mobile: +63921-2707660, +63923-5966733, +63905-2854047
Fax: +632 425-0161
Email: [email protected]

La Luz Resort
Telephone: +632 726-6687, +632 726-4977, +632 726-7445, +632 727-7032
Mobile: +63927-9938417, +63916-394-4367, +63927-7777779
Fax: +632 748-8196
Email: [email protected]


2nd Part

Llamar Beach Resort
Telephone: (+632) 7519863
Mobile: +63917 8137799 (Globe), +63943 6904247 (Sun), +63917 5326775 (Globe)
Email: [email protected]

Lucky 7 Beach Resort
Mobile: 0927-5410-491, 0921-7863-998
Email: [email protected]

One Laiya Beach Resort
Mobile: +639176043839, +639287603662
Email: [email protected]

Palm Beach Resort
Telephone: +632 850-9544, +632 836-8956
Mobile: + 63920-938-8425, + 63917-884-4425
Fax: + 632 772-2704

Paseo Verde
Telephone: +632 725-4994
Mobile: +63 916-4332220, +63 917-8901424 or +63 919-4227365
Fax: +632 727-4998
Email: [email protected]

Pipistik Beach Resort
Mobile: (Lorie) +63910 3760378 / (Nene) +63929 5930853 / (Louie) +63949 1849035
E-Mail: [email protected] / [email protected]

Punto Miguel
Telephone: +632 546-8159
Mobile: +63917-2424260
Email: [email protected]

Residencia Laiya Beach House
Telephone: (+632)7887239
Mobile: (+63)9175694808
E-mail: [email protected]

Sabangan Beach Resort
Telephone: +632 914-9640
Fax: +632 667-3997
Email: [email protected]

Sigayan Bay
Telephone: +632 856-4673, +632 556-2846
Mobile: +63920-9529517
Fax: +632 556-2846

Southcrest Beach Resort and Nature Park
Mobile: (+63) 935-444-0888, (+63) 927-225-5544
E-Mail: [email protected]

Taramindu Beach Resort
Telephone: +632 775-8567
Mobile: +63917-8240024
Email: [email protected]

Triple G. Beach Resort
Telephone: (043)757 5414

Virgin Beach Resort
Telephone: +632 815-2584 +632 815-2587
Mobile: +63917-8131301
Fax: +632 817-6334
Email: [email protected]


Getting to Laiya Beach

When you’re already in Batangas, the best way to get to Laiya is by heading straight to San Juan first.  The ALPS bus company is the one that offers travel from Metro Manila to Batangas. From Metro Manila, you can either go to EDSA Nepa Q-Mart, Araneta Center Cubao, or Alabang Grand Terminal to get the bus going to San Juan. The fare is P188.00. The earliest trip starts at 3:00 AM and the last trip is at 5:00 PM.

Once you’re in San Juan, look for jeepneys bound for Laiya or Hugom in front of the Municipal Hall. You can also rent a tricycle to get there but will cost you 60 pesos or more. The travel time to reach San Juan is 3-4 hours.

Please check ALPS’ website below for the complete bus schedule:

Laiya Beach Resort - White Cove
Inside Laiya White Cove


Laiya Beach Resorts Activities

On top of beach bumming, here is a list of other activities that you can try:
Aqua Bike: PhP 300 / 30 mins; PhP 200 / 15 mins (good for 2 persons)
Boating with Snorkeling: PhP 1,500 / hour (good for 10 persons)
Boating with Snorkeling and Cave/Ruins Tour: PhP 3,000 / hour (good for 10 persons)
Snorkel and Goggles Rent: PhP 100 per piece or PhP 200 per pair
Banana Boat: PhP 300 / person (min of 5 persons)
Jetski: PhP 2,800 / 30 mins; PhP 5,000 / hour
Kayak rental: PhP 300 / hour
Parasailing: PhP 1,500 / person (min. of 2 persons)
Flying Fish: PhP 350 / head (min. of 5 persons)
Volleyball rent: PhP 50 / hour
Basketball rent: PhP 50 / hour
Videoke: PhP 1,000 / day tour; PhP 1,500 / overnight

Laiya Beach Resort - facilities
Recreational Activities


Where To Eat

Laiya White Cove serves well-cooked delicious meals. You can also feel free to explore the nearby resorts to find a menu that fits your preference. Budget meals from eateries behind the resorts can be found as well. Some of them even serve halo-halo which is perfect to beat the heat.

Just chilling out


Explorer’s Tip:

Jeepneys and tricycles heading to San Juan are until 5:00 pm only. We made a mistake of heading to San Juan at the evening time because we came from Puerto Galera only to find out that the two hotels they have there were already closed. My haggling professional wife somehow managed to get us a hotel rate in a motel in San Juan after thorough convincing of the Brgy. Captain who owns the motel. It’s the one and only place open at that time where we can stay for the night.

Banana Boat




3 thoughts on “Laiya Beach Resorts and Travel Guide – Batangas”

    Caravana Manor (formerly Laiya Austria Beach Resort)
    Mobile/Viber/Whatsapp: 0998-5314730 (for quick response)
    Email: [email protected]
    1. Cottage Van – ideal for big groups
    P6,500 per night
    – Up to max of 12 pax
    – Kitchen with stove, griller, fridge, pots, spoon and fork, plates
    – Mineral water is free of charge
    – Private rest room per room
    – Common restrooms available outside
    – Parking available
    – Generator in case of brownout
    2. Casa Dety Beachfront accommodation
    P6,500 per night

    – Up to 6 pax max
    – Kitchen with stove, griller, fridge, pots, spoon and fork, plates
    – Mineral water is free of charge
    – Private rest room
    – Parking available
    – Generator in case of brownout
    3. Standard Rooms
    P 4,500 per night
    – Up to 4 pax max
    – Kitchen with stove, griller, fridge, pots, spoon and fork, plates
    – Mineral water is free of charge
    – Private rest room
    – Common restrooms available outside
    – Parking available
    – Generator in case of brownout


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