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Mantigue Island – Camiguin

Mantigue Island is Camiguin’s radiant pearl because of its white sand beach and colorful diving spots. A walk on its powdery coral sand is soothing to the feet while its brightness reflects its purity. Its crystal clear blue water presents a sublime vision of the island’s kaleidoscopic fishes and corals. A wonderful view of the volcanoes from afar can be enjoyed here while relaxing under the island’s rich vegetation.

White sand beach of Mantigue Island - Camiguin
Mantigue Island – Camiguin

This island is litter-free and well kept. A good amount of huts are neatly placed in strategic areas where you can have fun eating without losing sight of its charming shore. Gorge in an all-natural meal with the island’s fresh and delectable seafood while sipping on a tasty coconut water. This 4-hectare island is a paradise that you can’t miss during your trip in Camiguin. It is one of the best white sand beaches in the Philippines.

Banana boat at Mantigue Island
Some of the fun things to do in Mantigue Island

Mantigue Island also offers different fun activities so you can spice up your adventure. A group of friends or a family can have fun riding and getting tumbled by a banana boat while a couple can take on the challenge of a speedy jet ski ride. Take a plunge in its marine sanctuary to enjoy its rainbow of colorful fishes and corals. Diving or snorkeling in this bliss takes you to a world that’s surreal.

Jet ski ride at Mantigue Island
I feel like an action star who’s trying to escape with my love interest


Our Experience at Mantigue Island

We were blessed with a great weather during our trip here. Looking at the island’s beauty from afar as the boat slowly gets close it got us excited. It gives you that feeling that you’re about to experience something awesome once you get there. When the boat landed, we were elated by its wonderful sight. The whiteness of the island’s sands was magnified by the bright sun during that moment.

Manitigue Island from afar
Getting close to Mantigue Island

The shore’s clean and clear water made the surface below very visible and it also allowed us to get a good look at the colorful fishes that were close to our boat. As we step down the boat and started to walk, we can already feel the sand’s softness from our slippers. We eventually took off our slippers to experience more of the sand’s therapeutic touch and it was really comforting. We were only able to walk barefoot on the shore area because the dry sand can hurt your feet because of the sun’s heat.

Mantigue Island jump shot
Jump for joy after finally getting there

Considering the island’s size, it’s not really hard to explore the entire area. As long as you’re wearing your sunglasses, hat and have applied some sunscreen, you’ll have nothing to be concerned about. We never had to avail their P150.00 worth of boat ride to explore the entire island because we were able to do so by just having a leisure walk here. We got to the rear part of the island where there are no tourists anymore.

Behind Mantigue Island
The rear part of Mantigue Island


Off the Beaten Path

We later reached the part of the island where we unexpectedly saw some residential houses. What’s more surprising is the beautiful autumn tree at their center. Of course, it’s just a regular tree with dried leaves but what’s odd is that it’s the only one in the area. My wife can’t help but pose in that strange tree which looked like it’s cursed to be in a tropical country despite being an autumn tree.

Autumn Tree
Mantigue Island’s Autumn Tree

I guess there’s a strong concentration of the sun’s heat in that part of the island because we also saw some fishes being dried out there. We had a good greeting and short conversation with the owner of the dried fishes but I later realized that we should have asked if she’s selling those at a good price. It’s nice to see its small residential area free from litters as well. I’m confident that the residents are putting great effort to keep the island clean based on what we’ve seen.

Mantigue Island's Daing
These dried fishes taste great when dipped in vinegar

We got a bit concerned if we’re really getting close to the entry point of the island because our leisure walk felt a bit too long. There may even be a blocked area where we might be required to swim around. The problem is that Juliet doesn’t know how to swim which is an added concern. It was a relief when we saw our boats from afar and got back on time before the required 4-hour time limit.

Mantigue Island Entry Point
Welcome to Mantigue Island!


Shed: P150.00
Fish for lunch: P500.00 per kilo
Banana Boat: P1200.00 for 15 mins
Jetski: P800.00 for 15 mins
Boat Tour (around the island): P150.00


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