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The Underwater Cave – San Antonio Island, Puerto Galera

The Underwater Cave is an enchanting attraction in San Antonio Island, Puerto Galera because of its adventurous narrow path and peculiar setup. This natural indoor pool will let you enjoy swimming without getting concerned about the scorching heat of the afternoon sun.

The Underwater Cave - San Antonio Island, Puerto Galera - Philippines
The Underwater Cave – San Antonio Island, Puerto Galera

Beyond this mystifying cave is a charming surrounding. A splendid blend of azure and turquoise beautifully paints its sparkling crystal clear waters. Further enhancing the aesthetics are the colorful boats that are neatly parked on its luminescent rocky shore.

The Underwater Cave coast
A nice view of the coast of San Antonio Island


Getting to the Underwater Cave

A visit here is the first part of our island hopping tour followed by a trip to the Long Beach beside it. Upon reaching San Antonio Island, we were pleased to see its blissful shore. It may be rocky, but its beauty is undeniably fascinating. As I see it, the shore where the boats are parked is already an attraction on its own.

Parked boats near the Underwater Cave - San Antonio Island, Puerto Galera
The shore near the Underwater Cave
Cliff near the Underwater Cave
We had to get up before we can get down

To reach the Underwater Cave, you would actually need to climb up some big rocks which sound ironic. We had to be careful because those rocks have many pointed parts. You can get a big scratch if you get outbalanced. On top of the rocks is a tunnel that goes down to the Underwater Cave.

Quite a narrow and rocky path


Inside the cave

After getting down the wooden ladder of the tunnel, we finally dipped in the shallow waters of the Underwater Cave. The water was just above our knees but it gets deeper as we walk further inside the cave. Certain sections were dark but there’s a small opening on its other end which is well-lighted.

The bamboo is quite slippery
Finally reached the Underwater Cave

The cave’s yellowish ceiling and walls that are wonderfully decorated by rock formations and abstract patterns. Its interior makes a mesmerizing glimmer when exposed to light.

Watch your head here

You can tell how high the water goes up the cave because of its wet ceiling. Perhaps the high tide and strong splash of water caused it.

The crystal clear water is simply amazing here

Unlike most caves, its condition won’t permit bats to reside here.


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