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Oslob Whale Shark Watching Guide – Cebu

Whale shark watching is a big tourist draw in Oslob, Cebu because of the one-of-a-kind experience that it offers its visitors. A close encounter with these majestic gentle giants of the sea can give you that unforgettable experience that will put your heart closer to nature. Seeing the calm and graceful movements of these imposing and wondrous creatures can leave you in awe and wonder how this nature’s miraculous by-product came to be.

Whale Shark Watching - Oslob, Cebu
Whale shark watching
Whale Shark Watching Boat - Oslob, Cebu
Getting ready to find the whale sharks

We can see in everyone’s eyes the excitement and crave to have that priceless moment of interacting with them like the ones you see in Animal Planet or Nat-Geo Wild. Screams of excitement can be heard already when we were closing into the spot where the whale sharks are. By the way, whale sharks are locally called Tuki or Butanding depending on what region in the Philippines you are. The other whale shark watching sites we know is in Pamilacan Island, Bohol and in Donsol, Sorsogon.

Whale Shark Watching - Oslob, Cebu
Snorkeling to have a better look of the whale sharks
Whale Shark Watching Race - Oslob, Cebu
Having a race with a whale shark


A closer look at the Whale Sharks

The whale shark’s dark blue skin with white spots looks elegant and really fascinating to see up close. Its wide mouth and small eyes make it look like an overgrown catfish living in seawater instead of rivers. For those who don’t know yet, whale sharks are actually classified as fish instead of mammal-like whales despite their name. They’re also known as the largest fish existing today. It’s nice that they don’t have sharp fangs like other sharks because they would be more terrifying than white sharks if that’s the case due to their size.

Whale Shark Watching Lovers - Oslob, Cebu
Our interaction with the whale shark
Whale Shark Watching from boat - Oslob, Cebu
Whale shark spotted from the boat

These cuddly jumbo-size fishes look so harmless and tamed—it would make you wish that you can ride them and give them a bear-hug. But make sure to control your urge because the Whale Shark Watching management has a strict directive not to get closer to them beyond 5 meters from the head and 6 meters from the tail to avoid interfering with their natural movements. Make sure to adhere to all of their guidelines to help protect and preserve them for many generations to come.

If you plan to have that adventurous experience with the whale sharks, please check our short guide below:

Oslob Map


List of Hotels and Resorts in Oslob

Bcd’s Place
Landline: (032)5118573, 5111851
Mobile: 09228736128/ 09053925116
Email: bcdsplace@gmail.com

Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort
Landline: (032)3183129 / 3189098
Mobile: 09176317512 / 09998858337
Email: sumilon@bluewater.com.ph

Casa Bonita Inn
Mobile: 09332233784 / 09235577613

Fridel Lodge
Landline: (032)4819028
Mobile: 09497953147

Germaroze Guesthouse
Landline: (032)481 9994
Email: x_gerdina@hotmail.com

Gunner’s Lodge
Mobile: 09182139514 / 09203574529 / 09103659066
Email: garyflora_gunner@yahoo.com

Hotel Sebastian
Landline: (032)4819001
Mobile Number: 09321966154
Email: info@oslobhotelsebastian.com

Lagunde Beach Resort
Landline: (032)481990
Mobile: 09433128164 / 09336121896

L and M Hearthstones Lodge
Mobile: 09228776738 / 09237344076 / 09088955340
Landline: (032)5820373 / 4818019

Luzmin BH
Landline: (032)4815520
Mobile: 09238930256 / 09234556634

MB Sunrise View Resort
Landline: (032)5145613
Mobile: 09326919527
Email: netnet_dedios@yahoo.com

Milas Inn
Landline: (032)4818001

New Village Lodge
Landline: (032)4819025
Mobile: 09235301371 / 09158439198

Oslob Garden Stay Beach Resort
Mobile: 09228111575

Oslob Seafari Resort
Landline: (032)5131615 / 2603488
Mobile: 09325587108 / 09433933284
Email: leo@leo.nl

Sascha’s Lodge Oslob
Landline: (032)4819155
Mobile: 09177246572 / 09335041575
Email: bebetreich@yahoo.com

The Granada Beach House  ** Trip Advisor Winner 2014**
Mobile: 09055027282
Email: info@granadabeachresort.com


How To Get To Oslob Whale Shark Watching Site

From Cebu City look for the South Bus Terminal which is in N. Bacalso Street. You will see buses from Ceres and Sun Rays with Oslob bus trips. Your trip will take you straight to the Whale Shark Watching area.
Regular Bus – 149.00 pesos
Airconditioned Bus – 154.00 pesos

Whale Shark Interaction Guidelines - Oslob, Cebu
Whale shark watching briefing area


Whale Shark Watching Rates

Watching (1 ticket is good for 30 mins)
Php 300.00 – Local guest (inclusive boat ride)
Php 500.00 – Foreign guest (inclusive boat ride)
Snorkeling (1 ticket is good for 30 mins)
Php 500.00 – Local guest (inclusive boat ride and snorkeling gears)
Php 1,000.00 – Foreign guest (inclusive boat ride and snorkeling gears)
Scuba Diving (1 ticket is good for 1 hour)
Php 600.00 – Local guest (diving gears are not included)
Php 1,500.00 – Foreign guest (diving gears are not included)

Whale Shark Watching Viewing Deck - Oslob, Cebu
Whale shark watching waiting area and viewing deck


Explorer’s Tip

Make sure to sit at the window side when taking a bus. We took a bus to travel to Brgy. Tan-awan, Oslob from Cebu City and it was a pleasurable ride because of the scenic view and fresh air along the way. I was able to take unobstructed pictures of some of those scenic views since I was on the window side. The coastal areas of Cebu are noticeably clean and well-taken cared of by its citizens. I envy those people who live in the houses built beside those coastal areas because they can enjoy swimming in a white sand beach with clean seawater anytime they want. I hope that they keep up the good job of maintaining the coastal lines clean.

Scenic Coastal Areas of Oslob, Cebu
Scenic coastal areas of Oslob

Don’t skip Tumalog falls in your stay here. With just a short ride from the whale shark watching area and an entrance fee of 20.00 pesos only, you can enjoy a charming view of this tall waterfall with peculiar rock formations. You can also take a swim there if you have plenty of time.

Tumalog Falls - Oslob, Cebu
Tumalog Falls


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