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Buenos Aires Mountain Resort – Bago City

Buenos Aires Mountain Resort is a nature-rich site that is located at the foot of Mount Kanlaon. It boasts an Olympic-size swimming pool, two kiddie pools and a standard-size pool. The resort’s cool climate makes it a great spot to escape the summer heat. The lush green trees and plants around its pools will make you feel like you’re swimming in a hidden spring.

Buenos Aires Mountain Resort - Bago City, Negros Occidental
Buenos Aires Mountain Resort – Bago City
Olympic-size swimming pool of Buenos Aires Mountain Resort
Olympic-size swimming pool


Exploring Buenos Aires Mountain Resort

It’s easy to get here because it’s only 800 meters away from the Bago-Maao road. There’s also a road sign that points to the right junction when you’re close to it. We’ve visited this resort during a rainy season and summertime. Even if a typhoon just left in one of our visits and the sky was still cloudy—we still had a great time here. Swimming in a deep Olympic-size swimming pool never fails to give me fun.

Buenos Aires Mountain Resort mural
Buenos Aires Mountain Resort wall logo
Had a great time swimming here

In case you missed to bring your own food, there are plenty of stores where you can buy them within the resort. If you want your food freshly cooked, you can bring your raw ingredients then use one of their grills. They have plenty of tables and huts where you can comfortably eat and chill. Buying cold soft drinks from one of their stores is a good way to help out your digestion.

Stores and cottages inside Buenos Aires Mountain Resort


Terrace Garden

The most beautiful spot in this resort is its terrace garden with a white hostel on top. It’s filled with colorful and fully bloomed flowers from yellow, red, orange to white. The diverse plants and trees like palm trees, large tubers and pine trees make it look more blissful. Sitting on one of its large mahogany chairs to just relax, smell the fresh flowers and enjoy the view is a good way to get rejuvenated.

Beautiful Terrace Garden of Buenos Aires Mountain Resort
Buenos Aires Mountain Resort’s Terrace Garden
Some of the flowers in the terrace garden


The scenic view on top of the terrace garden


Swimming Pools

I like the fact that the resort gets its water from the everflowing spring of Mount Kanlaon because this means that it gets changed more regularly. In the few times that we’ve been here, the swimming pools and the surrounding area were consistently clean. The pool waters were almost free from any leaves despite the towering trees around them. The water is a bit cold which is good during summer. You can wear a rashguard to beat the cold if you give it a visit on a cold season.

Looks clean and very inviting
Kiddie Pool

Their upper pools are a bit shallow but you can enjoy a great view of their terrace garden from there. It could be the reason why there are more visitors to that part of the resort during our visit. Since I want a more challenging swim, I spent more time in the Olympic-size pool because it helps me refresh my swimming skills. There are fewer people there as well.

Buenos Aires Mountain Resort’s upper pools
A pleasant view of the terrace garden


Resort Policy

The resort has a strict policy about proper swimming attire. The lifeguards won’t let you swim if you don’t comply with this regulation. The other ones are related to minors being under supervision by an adult all the time, no eating, drinking or smoking, guests with open wounds and skin infection prohibition and proper conduct while swimming.

Neat bridge and huts


Buenos Aires Mountain Resort

Address: Brgy. Ilijan, Bago City, Negros Occidental
Phone: (034) 461 0540 / (034) 461-0164

Entrance Fee
Adult – P50.00
Children (12 years & below) – P30.00

Parking Fee: P60.00


Family Cottages
Non-Aircon (4-6 pax) – P1,500.00
Aircon (7-15 pax) – P3,500.00

Hillside Cottages
Non-Aircon (4-6 pax) – P800.00
Aircon (4-6 pax) – P1,200.00

Janet E Torres Dormitory
Non-Aircon (11 pax/room) – P200/pax
Aircon  (5 pax) –   P1,500/room

MYT Suites (4-8 pax) – P2,000/room


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  1. Do Bueno’s Aires Mountain Resort have a phone number? It’s very difficult to call through landline. I’ve been calling several times to their landline but no one’s answering.

    • That’s customer service in the Philippines, baby. Consider yourself blessed if anyone anywhere picks up the phone.


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