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Nature’s Village Resort – Talisay City, Negros Occidental

Nature’s Village Resort is one of the best nearcation spots in Talisay City, Negros Occidental. Getting here is a breeze because it’s only 3.5km from Bacolod City and is just a few blocks away from Ayala’s The District. Its swimming pools are surrounded by towering Indian trees and are just beside a lush green garden. The nature-rich atmosphere of this resort will surely freshen you up.

Nature's Village Resort - Talisay City, Negros Occidental
Nature’s Village Resort – Talisay City


Visiting Nature’s Village Resort

Since we live a bit far from Bacolod City, we book a hotel there sometimes if our planned activities are up until night. Since our son was craving for a swim, it was pleasant to discover Nature’s Village Resort as an option even if it was outside Bacolod City. Their cheapest room was on promo prize of P1,295.00 only for the three of us—so we didn’t hesitate to book it.

Nature's Village Resort Building
One section of the hotel

We had a movie night in Bacolod City before coming here but we never had a hard time finding it because it has a large illuminated logo outside. There were lots of cars that night because a wedding was being held yet we still managed to get a parking space. A friendly crew immediately guided us to an available parking spot when we arrived.

Hotel stairs and unli-water dispenser


Building and Room Quality

If my wife didn’t tell me that she’s been hearing about this resort since the 90s, I wouldn’t have realized it because it looks so new. From the lounge, restaurant, function rooms and hallways–everything smells fresh and clean. The rooms are already using proximity cards and everything inside our room looks modern. You can’t even use the elevator without a proximity card.

Nature's Village Resort Room
Cozy room with fridge, TV and complimentary water

I can’t tell if we were just lucky to have visited it in a time that it was recently renovated but I can’t find traces of its old parts. The walls are free from smudges and seem to be repainted annually. Their wooden furniture and decors look vivid and bright. I haven’t really seen any old and faded items in the building. They’ve done a great job maintaining the resort.

Clean environment and vividly brown wooden furniture and decors



It was really nice that our promo room comes with a free buffet breakfast. They have a good variety of meals to choose from depending on your taste. If you feel like eating western-style, they have cereals, pancakes and freshly baked bread. If you’re craving for a rice meal, their viand options are sausages, dried fishes, bihon, camote, mixed vegetables and ampalaya with egg.

Western-style breakfast
Nature's Village Resort Buffet Breakfast
Yummy dishes to choose from

They also have a salad station where you can make your own fruit or vegetable salad. My personal favorite is their omelet. You can pick any of the 5 ingredients to the mix but I requested all five instead. It’s nice to have someone to perfectly cook the omelet for you.

Happy family breakfast

For the drinks, they have coffee, tea, juice and the best option is Milo. Since we brought our child, it’s just nice that he can have a chocolatey energy drink as well since coffee is not yet an option for him. He bugged us about drinking coffee in our other hotel stays.

Nature's Village Resort wine bar
Plenty of options for the drinks


Swimming Pool

The resort’s swimming pool may not be Olympic-size but it has the blue lines underneath that are required by athletic swimmers. There was, in fact, a swimming instructor during our visit who was training a child. It was definitely wide enough for leisure swimmers like us and I had a great time having a swimming race with our son.

The deepest part is 5 feet
nature's village resort swimming pool
Plenty of Indian trees around the pool

I like how the pool seems to have temperature control because the water was lukewarm. Perhaps its curvy design was inspired by the random shape of a river for a more natural look. The greeneries around you plus the fresh air coming from the surrounding sugarcane farms are the things that make this resort—nature’s village.

I’m teaching my son how to float



Nature’s Village Resort Map


Location & Contact Details
Talisay City, Negros Occidental 6115
Phone: (63)(34) 495-0808 / 495-3368 to 69
Fax: (63)(34) 495-3368
Mobile: (63)(922) 851 2231 / (63)(917) 3007576

The cheapest room ranges from P1,295 – P2,000.00 depending on promo seasons.

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