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Campomanes Bay – Sipalay City, Negros Occidental

Campomanes Bay is one of the hidden gems of Sipalay City. With its beach angled opposite to the open sea—you’re guaranteed to enjoy a serene swimming experience. Below the bay is a diver’s paradise that is rich with colorful reefs, diverse marine life and a couple of shipwrecks.

Campomanes Bay - Sipalay City, Negros Occidental
Campomanes Bay – Sipalay City

This former dock has one resort only so far which equates to less crowd and more intimate time with nature. The towering cliffs that are filled with lush green trees and plants around the bay will keep you refreshed while having a great time swimming and bumming in its white-sand beach.

We saw this rest house as we were entering the Campomanes Bay


Exploring Campomanes Bay

A visit to this bay is a part of our island hopping trip. We went here on a mid-summer so I was expecting a lot of other visitors but we were the only group that came. It felt that we have exclusive access to its beach which was really great.

The water on the corner looks very green

It’s clearly not your typical beach because there are still some big boats docking in its port. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why it doesn’t attract a lot of visitors. Visitors might have a wrong impression that its beach is dirty because of the kinds of ships docking here.

Port at Campomanes Bay - Sipalay City, Negros Occidental
Docking area of Campomanes Bay

We went to the beach of Campomanes bay exactly after snorkeling with the area which was just 10-minutes away. I wish we could dive as well to see the beauty of its shipwrecks.


Beach Quality

Unlike the other beaches in Sipalay City, the waves here are very gentle. It was very inviting to swim in its clean and clear water. Certain parts look greenish and a bit mossy but overall this beach is quite clean. Since there were almost no other visitors, the entire beach stretch that morning was pristine and fresh.

Clean and clear water of Campomanes Bay
The rocks underneath are very visible from above

You won’t see any crumpled sands because of footprints and everything just looks tidy. What I slightly don’t like about this beach is the quality of the sand because it’s still a bit rocky and less fine compared to the nearby beaches.

The lush green forest on the opposite side is just relaxing to the eyes



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