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Maasin Island Cave – Sipalay City, Negros Occidental

Maasin Island Cave which is also known as Maasin Cave only is a small island that can be found at the southern opening of Campomanes Bay, Sipalay City. Hidden inside the cave of this island is a peculiar product of nature that will get you amused.

Maasin Island Cave - Sipalay City, Negros Occidental
Maasin Island Cave – Sipalay City

Its tiny shore is filled with enchanting rock formations. Their varying shapes look cinematic and fascinating. Traversing inside its creepy-looking cave with a small canal will uplift your adventurous spirit. Your nature experience in Sipalay City won’t be complete if you skip a visit to this small island.

Looks like melted candles


Exploring Maasin Island Cave

During our island hopping tour, we went to this tiny island before heading to the beach of Campomanes Bay. It was still early which could be the reason why there were no other visitors that morning. We were told that we could take a swim there but I was reserving my energy for the snorkeling site.

Maasin Island Cave's shore with couple
The narrow shore of Maasin Island Cave
Rocky part in Maasin Island Cave - Sipalay City
One of the rocky parts of the island

My wife can’t help but climb up one of the rocks the moment she saw one. Looking at them grouped together at the shore seems great for photo-ops and prenups. Their unique shapes and sizes wonderfully decorate this small island.

The view of Campomanes Bay from the island


Inside The Maasin Cave

We later checked out what’s inside the Maasin Island’s cave. It doesn’t look like something out of the ordinary but we were a bit surprised to see the rare smooth white stones that we found inside. They look like melted candles which could have been formed over a long period of time by the constant dripping of water.

Unique white and smooth rocks that formed inside the cave

From the cave, the view outside where a small island can be seen along with the canal and the small rocks below seems like a dramatic scene. I was expecting some bats like the other caves that we visited but we haven’t seen one. Perhaps it’s too shallow and bright for them to sleep here.

Maasin Cave - Sipalay City, Negros Occidental
Looks like a movie scene

The Filipino word “maasin” means salt-rich. It’s possible that surrounding water in the island was used by the locals to harvest salt in the past. After exploring most of the island, we haven’t really seen any indication related to salt.

Welcome to Maasin Island Cave!

Try not to miss visiting this small island during your island-hopping in Sipalay City.

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