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Tinagong Dagat Island Resort – Sipalay City, Negros Occidental

Tinagong Dagat Island Resort is the most charming and grand place you can stay in Sipalay City. This large resort will delight your eyes with its scenic group of islets and majestic view of the horizon. Its native huts and lush green surrounding will simply satisfy your cravings for a rich nature experience.

Tinagong Dagat Island Resort - Sipalay City, Negros Occidental
Tinagong Dagat Island Resort – Sipalay City

It’s so large that you can embark on an adventure just within the resort vicinity. Challenge yourself by crossing its very long wooden bridge or by climbing up its highest peak. This resort definitely offers a lot of great things for its visitors.

Narrow Wooden Bridge of Tinagong Dagat Island Resort
Adventurous Narrow Wooden Bridge


Exploring Tinagong Dagat Island Resort

We were a large group of three families when we visited this resort. The reason why we picked Tinagong Dagat Island Resort is because of its affordability and family rooms. Compared to most of the resorts in Punta Ballo beach, the rates of the rooms here are about less than half.

Resort Rooms of Tinagong Dagat Island Resort
Resort rooms by the hill

Although some may not appreciate its setup, I personally think that this is the best place to stay in Sipalay City. It’s practically the largest resort in the area and exploring the entire resort alone can take half of your day.

Kiddie pool at the center of the resort


Resort Sightseeing and Strolling

The first activity that you can’t afford to skip when you book to this resort is to climb up its highest point for sightseeing. The panoramic view of the islets and the sea here is like a smaller version of what you’ll see in Hundred Islands, Pangasinan. A breathtaking beauty that you will surely enjoy.

The viewing highest point of the resort

The view up there will also make you understand why it’s called “Tinagong Dagat.” The Filipino word “Tinagong Dagat” means “Hidden Sea.” We’ve seen how the small islands are encircling a small part of the sea as if it’s being hidden from the outsiders.

A stunning view from the viewing deck

The second thing you can’t miss is an early morning or afternoon stroll on its long wooden bridge. A sweet leisure walk on the bridge will let you enjoy the fantastic view of the islets around, the clear water below and the refreshing blow of the sea breeze.

Enjoy a leisure walk on this bridge


Resort Amenities 

Tinagong Dagat Island Resort has two swimming pools and plenty of native huts. My most favorite huts are the ones on the edge of the islets because you can enjoy a great view of the entire place while having a snack. Since it takes a long walk to get to those huts—they’re less crowded as well.

Large swimming pool of Tinagong Dagat Island Resort
The largest pool of Tinagong Dagat Island Resort
Cozy huts by the coast
A view of the open sea from the kiddie pool

Our most favorite hangout perhaps is their restaurant because of the karaoke and their very tasty fruit shakes. My wife loved their avocado shake while I prefer their mango shake. We ended up having three orders per person and it was great to have some sip of those while singing our favorite songs.

Delicious avocado shake of Tinagong Dagat Island Resort
I had three of their fruit shake in just one sitting



The resort rooms were clean, spacious and cozy. The visitors can enjoy hanging out in its own veranda. The shower doesn’t have any hot or cold option during our visit but it’s mostly hot here in the Philippines so we never really need to use one. The air conditioner was functioning good and we had a pleasant sleep.

Backpackers open-air sleeping area

We’ve seen their backpacker’s fan room and its setup looks really neat. They can just put down the curtains to prevent the mosquitoes from coming in but it’s quite open like a tent. The visitors can get most of the fresh air from the surroundings and immerse more in the province atmosphere.


Leaving Tinagong Dagat Island Resort


Tinagong Dagat Island Resort Rates

Day-tour Entrance: P30.00
Cottage Rental: P500.00

Room Rates: 
P1200.00 – 4 pax
P1350.00 – 4 pax
P1650.00 – 4-8 pax
**P200.00 per excess pax

Address: Sitio Latasan, Barangay 4, Sipalay City, Negros Occidental 6113
Mobile: 0920 902 2300
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Tinagong-Dagat-Island-Resort-249758045230135/