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Snorkeling in Sipalay – Negros Occidental

Snorkeling in Sipalay is a fun activity that is highly recommended when you go on an island-hopping trip. The presence of several diving resorts in the area should already give you an idea. A colorful and kaleidoscopic world of Sipalay’s undersea awaits you.

Snorkeling in Sipalay, Negros Occidental
Snorkeling in Sipalay is a bliss
Snorkeling in Sipalay to see this fascinating coral
Fluffy live coral

Sipalay is one of the top diving sites in the Philippines. Swaying live corals and a rich variety of fishes are guaranteed to be enjoyed by its snorkelers and divers. The clean and clear water of Sipalay permitted its marine life to flourish and diversify over time. This eventually formed a wonderful underwater paradise.

Juliet is snorkeling in Sipalay, Negros occidental
Juliet snorkeling in Sipalay


Snorkeling in Sipalay Experience

I had the chance to go on snorkeling in Sipalay twice with a 3-year gap. I was really happy to see the number of varying live corals that the snorkeling site has. Some of them look fluffy, others look firm and some look mossy. It was quite a peculiar garden down there.

Mossy looking coral
Firm and fluffy corals

But a garden is better with butterflies and birds. Sipalay’s snorkeling site is rich with species like angelfish, longfin pennant fish and bright-colored butterflyfish. I know that I’ve been taken to the same exact snorkeling spot because I’ve seen the same ravine where lots of fishes are gathering. The position of the corals is familiar as well.

Found a group of fishes while snorkeling in Sipalay
Quite a number of fishes here


Proper Snorkeling

I was very careful not to step on any of the corals on certain shallow parts. I’ve seen some dead corals but I hope that the reason for their death is because of their lifecycle instead of careless tourists. I hope that more corals will grow and multiply in the area.

Our son is having a great time as he rides my back while I snorkel
A diverse group of fishes

Make sure to keep your feet protected because some of the rocks here are very sharp. Stepping on the rocks is unavoidable and I almost had a scratch after a slight contact on one. I remember my wife getting a big scratch during our snorkeling in Hundred Islands.

We hope that these corals grow more in number

Snorkeling here was truly a pleasant experience. We recommend that you discover the fascinating beauty that is hidden underneath Sipalay’s beautiful beaches.


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