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Diguisit Falls, Hanging Bridge and Fish Port – Baler, Aurora

Diguisit Falls is one of the many falls in Baler that attest to how abundant the fresh and clean waters are in the municipality. The bountiful trees around it can give you protection from the sun and the gentle sound of its splashing waters easily lightens you up. It’s very accessible because of how close it is to the main road. It’s definitely a good place to quickly take a break from the heat of the day.

Diguisit Falls in Baler, Aurora
Diguisit Falls

We’ve seen tourists climbing up further to see more of Diguisit Falls because its taller and broader part is on the upper part. I had the chance to climb up a bit as well and got a quick glimpse of how its view looked better up there. The top portion of its boulders looks brownish perhaps because of the mud when its water gets higher and stronger. Diguisit Falls may be modest in size but is worth the visit.

Diguisit falls

Hanging Bridge

A great view of Baler’s long and wide river is best seen in its most popular hanging bridge. Placed high above the cliff and shaking wild in every step makes your short walk here an adventure. Standing at the center of this bridge and enjoying the scenic view by deliberately doing a 360-degree turn is a pleasant way to immerse in nature. The sight of the river’s vastness below you, the lush green trees and plants, the mountains, the blue sky with its heap of clouds would make you feel like levitating then flying free as a bird.

Baler's Hanging Bridge with children swimming
Hanging Bridge of Baler
A great view of the wide river

It’s nice to see the children having a fun time swimming in this river because it’s clean and safe enough for them. So far, we haven’t really seen any dirty parts in any of their rivers. I hope that there’s none at all so they can continue to enjoy the many benefits of the rivers. Practically even Baler’s streets are clean as well.


Fish Port

The best time to visit Baler’s fish port is early in the morning so you can see their large catch of fishes. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do so because of our time constraints. We still went there later even if it was an afternoon already since it’s pretty close to Diguisit falls. After getting there, we were so happy that we didn’t skip it because of its wonderful view. It’s also surprisingly clean considering how many people were there in the morning.

Fish port of Baler, Aurora
Baler’s Fish Port
Fish port’s viewing deck, fish traps and rugged shore

We climbed up its viewing deck and it was great to see that it’s clear and empty. Its pillars and concrete railings are freshly painted and look well maintained. I guess coming here in an afternoon has its benefits because of its tranquility. I really can’t tell if the one and only fish boat that we saw is on overtime. These fishermen are really working hard despite the heat. The giant fish traps with floaters looked like they’re having a siesta in its peaceful sea.


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