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Baler Resorts, Hotels, Transient Houses and Travel Guide

Baler, Aurora is one of the most popular surfing destinations in the Philippines. But beyond surfing, Baler is also rich in wonderful sights, delicious food and culture. On December 27, 1735, its entire population was almost wiped out by a tsunami and only seven families were able to survive. That should give you an idea about how big the waves can become in this surfing spot.

Baler, Aurora, Philippines
Surfboard pose at Baler, Aurora
Sabang Beach

A tour around this laid-back town is a real treat. Nature lovers will have a great time exploring its beaches, forests, mangroves, islets and waterfalls. Baler’s town center delights its visitors with restaurants, shops and a museum that wonderfully takes you to its past and colorful culture. The warm and hospitable locals will make you feel at home. It’s great to know that a wonderful place like this is accessible to the country’s capital, Metro Manila. The travel time from Metro Manila to Baler would only take you around 6 hours.

Lobster in Baler
Buttered and meaty fresh lobster
Baler Museum
Museo de Baler


Our Experience

On top of surfing the internet, it was our first time to try real surfing. We noticed that the resorts here are elevated above the shore for about 8 feet high. Sturdy walls facing the beach protect them from the spikes of large waves during peak seasons. We went there on a September where the tide is low and the waves are not yet too monstrous for beginners like us.

Dinadiawan Beach - Baler, Aurora
Dinadiawan Beach

We almost backed out on our trip because of a typhoon but it was a blessing that it left the next day during our scheduled trip. Our guide told us that there are several areas in Baler that doesn’t get affected much by storms because of the protection from the towering mountains. He also said that we are lucky to have visited Baler in a time when all of the major roads are already concrete. Getting around in Baler’s rough, steep and uphill roads used to be a pain.

Finally! after five attempts
Surfing in Baler, Aurora

Baler’s Surfing History

We also learned from him that surfing in Baler started with the American soldiers that used to have a base in Subic, Olongapo. After they left, some locals who use to observe them tried building their own surfboards. They self-learned how to surf and it later became a popular sport in the area. He also added that the Philippine television program Kris TV boosted the town’s tourism after it featured Baler in 2014.

This is just an introduction to our Baler travel blog series. We will feature each attraction in detail in our upcoming posts.


Baler Map
 Baler Tourist Map


How to get to Baler: 

From Metro Manila, we took a bus through Genesis Transport, Inc. So far, this is the only bus company that offers a trip straight to Baler. 

Genesis Transport

G/F & 2/F Genesis Transport Building, 704 EDSA cor New York St., Cubao Quezon City, Philippines
Contact numbers: +63 (2) 551-0842 or +63 (2) 853-3115
Email: genesistransportinc@gmail.com

Rates & Schedules:
JoyBus (Deluxe) = Php 700.00
Standard A/C  = Php 450.00

Genesis Bus Station

We went straight to the bus terminal without any advanced bookings online because we were not aware of that option yet. Luck just happens to be on our side when we got there because there were still some seats available. We recommend booking your ticket online and ahead of time using any of the two links below to avoid the hassle of missing your trip.

Online Booking Options:

The other option to reach Baler is to take a bus to Cabanatuan City via 5 Star Bus. The Cabanatuan City bus station has several other buses and vans going to Baler. But considering how long the trip is, I recommend refraining from this option as much as possible. We recommend taking the overnight buses instead. This will let you sleep away the long trip and enjoy a delightful breakfast on your first morning in Baler.

Baler Route Map

We went for their JoyBus overnight bus because it has a restroom. The ticket also covers a small pillow with a blanket and a snack. We were sleeping so hard that we never felt how dizzying the zigzag road was. We only realized how hard our first trip would have been during our morning trip back to Metro Manila.


What to do/Tourist Attractions:

Ampere Beach
Dinadiawan Beach
Doña Aurora House
Museo de Baler
Aniao Islets
Diguisit Falls
Hanging Bridge
Fish port
Ermita Hill (Tromba Marina)
Surfing in Sabang Beach


Where to Eat in Baler + Restaurants Reviews: (Please click for the extensive post)


Where to Stay in Baler:  

A – C

Aliya Surf Camp
Sabang Beach, 3200, Baler, Philippines
Phone: 0939-939-0929 / 0939-939 0844

Aliya Surf Camp Resort

Bahai Jujai Resort
Purok 1, Barangay Buhangin, 3200 Baler, Philippines
Phone: 0916 460 8472

Baler Beachfront House
Buton Street, 3200 Baler, Philippines
Phone: 0977 849 7373

Baler Fiore del Mare
Purok 2 T. Molina Ext. Brgy. Sabang, Aurora, 3200 Baler, Philippines
Phone: 0928 386 5398

Best View Villa by Eugene’s Place
Sitio Puntian, Brgy Zabali, Aurora, 3200 Baler, Philippines

BlueCoco Baler Beach House
F. Mendoza St. ( entrance beside INC Church ) Sabang Beach, Aurora, 3200, Baler, Philippines
Phone: 0939 920 7418

Brown Epitome Lodge
108 Sitio Dike, Aurora, 3200 Baler, Philippines
Phone: 0927 809 8440

Casa Herminia
101 Suclayin, 3200 Baler, Philippines
Phone: 0927 660 8705

Chamies Transient House
Purok 2, Barangay Sabang, Aurora, 3200 Baler, Philippines
Phone: 0998 981 8279

Charlie’s Point Baler
Sitio Buton, Barangay Sabang, Aurora, 3200 Baler, Philippines
Phone: 0995 976 3999

Costa Pacifica Resort
080 Buton St. Sitio Labasin, Brgy. Sabang, 3200 Baler, Philippines
Phone: (02) 519 4249

Costa Pacifica Resort

D – G

Dela Torre Beach House
Cemento, Barangay Zabali, Aurora, 3200 Baler, Philippines

Dela Torre Beach Resort Baler
Zabali Road, Aurora, 3200, Philippines
Phone: 0910 821 9706

Dew Drop Inn Oceanside B&B
Munting Gasang, Aurora, 3200, Philippines
Phone: +1 626-353-4344

DMB Transient
0024 Dike, Sitio Kinalapan, Brgy. Pingit, 3200, Philippines
Phone: 0947 817 2968

Drifters’ Nook
T. Molina Street Near Awel transient house, 1300, Philippines

Easy Adventure
Brgy. Reserva, 3202, Philippines
Phone: 0916 767 7971

Emilio Joseph Beach Resort
Sitio Puntian, Brgy. Sabang, Aurora, 3200, Philippines
Phone: 0921 766 2873

Endless Summer Hotel
86 Rizal Street, Poblacion, Aurora, 3200, Philippines
Phone: 0917 122 6415

Eugene’s Place
Sitio Puntian, Brgy Zabali, Aurora, 3200, Philippines

Giliws Transient
Purok 02 Brgy. Sabang, Aurora, 3200, Philippines
Phone: 0999 713 3542

Go Surfari House
T. Molina Street, Aurora, 3200, Philippines
Phone: 0905 499 1982

H – M

Hamada’s Guesthouse
Casiguran Road 483 Purok 2 Querijero Street, Brgy.Sabang, 3200, Philippines

Buton st.brgy Sabang, Aurora, 3200, Philippines
Phone: (02) 404.4784

J Hostel
Casiguran Rd, Aurora, Philippines, 3200
Phone: 0908 713 2048

Jamie’s Apartment
Purok 5 Barangay Suklayin, Aurora, 3200, Philippines

L’Sirene Boutique Resort
Purok 6, Barangay Reserva, Aurora, 3200, Philippines
Phone: 0917 743 8556

Luxus Residencia de Baler
Burgos Ext. Brgy. Suklayin, Aurora, 3200, Philippines
Phone: (042) 724 0154

Miguel’s HomeStay
Burgos, 3200, Philippines

Mingle in Baler
#204 Dela Torre ext. Barangay 5, 3200, Philippines
Phone: 0995 531 9544

N – Z

Nalu Surf Camp
Sabang Beach, Baler, Aurora, Philippines
Email: nalusurf.ph@gmail.com
Phone: +639178172606/ +639178049323

Nalu Surf Camp

Nature Green Forest Resort
Cement Brgy Cemento, 3200, Philippines
Phone: 0912 208 3477

Nigella’s Beach House
Dela Torre Beach Resort, Sitio Puntian, Bgy. Zabali, Aurora, 3200, Philippines
Phone: 0932 916 5258

T. Molina Street, Barangay Sabang, Aurora, 3200, Philippines
Phone: 0908 979 4819

Nina’s Transient House
Purok 2, Barangay Sabang, Aurora, 3200, Philippines
Phone: 0908 418 1438

North Shore Surf Camp
Brgy. Buhangin Aurora, 3200, Philippines
Phone: 0917 821 5580 or 0908 813 2048

Oceana Lodge
Address: 104, Buton St, Baler, Aurora
Phone: 0929 628 6360 or 09163401757

Oceana Lodge

Old Parola Seaside Cottages
Purok 5 Barangay Sabang, 320, Philippines
Phone: 0917 888 8888

One Bed Room Deluxe by Eugene’s Place
Puntian, Brgy Zabali, Aurora, 3200, Philippines

Playa Azul Baler
Buton Street, Barangay Sabang, 3200, Philippines
Phone: 0977 845 8301

Seasta Beach Resort
Cemento Beach, 3200, Philippines
Phone: 0919 529 9751

Yuushi’s Place
Purok 2, Buhangin, Aurora, 3200, Philippines
Phone: 0910 132 9736

Zeah’s Inn
Purok 2, Brgy. Sabang, Aurora, 3200, Philippines
Phone: 0928 343 4760


Explorer’s Tip:

To save money on your surfing lesson, avoid getting a surfing instructor from the resort. There are roaming locals who would offer to teach you how to surf at a lower price. We can see in the picture below that Nalu Surf Camp’s rate is 350.00/hour with free pictures & beer. We ended up learning how to surf for 150.00 pesos per person only.

Surf Lessons and Board Rental Rates

It’s because a local offered to teach us for 300.00/hour including surfboard rental.  He was flexible enough to let us divide it for the two of us. Each one of us practiced for 30 minutes at 150.00 each. It felt that the 30 minutes was very long because I didn’t expect that surfing is tremendously tiring. Juliet didn’t even spend her full 30 minutes after learning how to surf in five attempts. Forget the price, we’re just glad that we were spared from an exhausting 1-hour surfing.