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Governor’s Island & The Big Brother House – Hundred Islands

The Governor’s Island is a charming spot in Hundred Islands National Park which has a lot to offer its visitors. It could be the reason why it was chosen to be the location of the Big Brother House in 2006 for the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition. The Big Brother House was built here to serve as a transitory home for PBB teen stars Kim, Gerald, Claire and Mikee.  This island was the first in our list during our island hopping tour.

Governor's Island with Family
Governor’s Island’s Beach Front 
Governor's Island Logo
Governor’s Island Metal Label


Big Brother House

When I found out that the Big Brother House can be rented for 10,000.00 a night, I asked my wife if she would consider booking there. I wanted to experience what it’s like to be on an isolated island even just for one evening. I got a big “no” from her along with my mom after hearing about it. They said that we have a kid with us and there’s no option for you to leave it in case of emergency. There are no nearby stores for our food and water as well. We ended up staying in a transient house instead.

Governor's Island Big Brother House
Big Brother House 
Governor's Island Big Brother House Terrace
Big Brother House’s Nice Terrace


Exploring Governor’s Island

When we got to this island, we noticed that it has a clean light-brown sand beach. The visitors can have a fun time swimming there while enjoying a nice view of the horizon and nearby islands. Heat conscious visitors can swim on the edges of this beach. The house and the hill are giving shade on those parts.

Governor's Island Cave
A small and shallow cave 

Aside from its beach, you can check out its small cave. The moment we entered here, some bats started to fly outside. This was some I didn’t expect considering the shallowness of this cave. The abstract mixture of yellow and black rocks inside this cave is like chocolate-mocha cake.


Peculiar Rock

On our way to the top of the Governor’s Island’s hill, we saw a unique rock formation. Our guide pointed all of us to the wall to see that long rock then made us guess what the rock is. Since no one could give an answer he said that most locals see it as a horse’s foot. This reminded me of the popular mythological creature here in the Philippines which is called Tikbalang. Tikbalang is a half-human and half-horse creature with features opposite to the Centaur and is more comparable to a Minotaur.

Governor's Island Horse Foot
Horse’s foot


Governor’s Island Viewing Deck

Climbing up the Governor’s Island’s hill can’t be something optional if you don’t want to miss the best part.  You might be someone who shuns climbing up long steps and might skip this part the moment you see the high stairs, but once you see the most fantastic view of the Hundred Islands, I’m sure you’d feel that it’s worth every calorie. The local government constructed a concrete view deck with rope boundaries to ensure the safety of their visitors. They’re clearly getting a big crowd here during peak season.

Hundred Islands Pangasinan
A scenic view of Hundred Islands

The picturesque view of the small island and the sea here is simply surreal. This is one of those spots that give this province its signature view. It’s a perfect picture that depicts the beauty of the Philippines. Our quick visit here was truly worthwhile.

Governor's Island Nice View
A tranquil view of the sea and the islands




12 thoughts on “Governor’s Island & The Big Brother House – Hundred Islands”

  1. Dear Mam,

    Kindly check if Big Brother house is available on May 15-17, 2015?
    For 7 adults & 2 kids.
    Anticipating your immediate response.



  2. Good aft po..i called your contact no. Posted in big brothers house but did not answered..we will just inquire about the availability of the house on april.16-17,,we need for a immediate respose..thank you for your kind consideration.

  3. is there big brother house at governor’s island available 7th feb overnight? what rooms are there? or let me know if there are other resorts available for rental on 7th thanks!

  4. Hi! I’m trying to book and I was wondering if you could help me or point me in the right direction. I would greatly appreciate it.

  5. Hi Everyone,

    My apologies for the late reply because I haven’t visited this blog post for a while. According to the provincial website, you can contact the two numbers below to book for the house.

    Lucap Wharf Tourism Welcome Center

    City Information and Tourism Satellite Office


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