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Ocean Adventure – Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Ocean Adventure is a great summer getaway that is filled with entertaining shows and activities. Located at Subic Bay Freeport Zone, you can also enjoy swimming in its wonderful beach that is located in-between Zambales and Bataan. Have a fun family bonding as you watch the dolphins and sea lions perform their thrilling acrobatics and exhibitions.

Ocean Adventure - Subic Bay Freeport Zone Philippines
Ocean Adventure – Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Beyond their featured aquatic life performances is a wildlife presentation as well. Watch an entertaining performance from a bat, bearcat, python, owl and an eagle. Fill your heart with love for nature as they showcase how intelligent these creatures are. An added comical presentation with mascots will educate everyone to better take care of our environment and to help preserve their habitat.

Wild World Animal Shows - Ocean Adventure Subic Bay
Wild World Animal Shows

On top of the animal performances, they are also featuring fantastic acrobatic shows from international and local performers. Enjoy watching a balancing act by an energetic group showcasing their exciting exhibitions. Dazzle your eyes with glee as it goes up and down while watching the trampoline performers that make funny gestures and comical actions.

Acrobatic Exhibitions - Ocean Adventure Subic Bay
Acrobatic Exhibitions of Ocean Adventure


Exploring Ocean Adventure

We’ve been to Ocean Adventure twice and we noticed that they have expanded and added more fun attractions in their theme park during our second visit. They have a brilliant setup where multiple stadiums with different shows are running simultaneously. This allows their guests to feel free to visit each one in any order preferred. The path walks per attraction wide enough to accommodate a great number of visitors.

Sea Lion Statues at Ocean Adventure Subic Bay
Sea Lion Statues


Sentinel of the Sea

During our first visit, we can’t help but start with their dolphin show which they refer to as “Sentinels of the Sea.” It’s without a doubt the main reason why people are flocking this place. Seeing these sea mammals perform amazing tricks and outrageous stunts live is definitely entertaining. Our baby even danced to the beat while watching the dolphins do their exhibition moves.

Dolphin Show of Ocean Adventure Philippines
Amazing Dolphin Show of Ocean Adventure

The best parts are when the dolphins jumped very high at random locations and when the trainer was riding one of them while on a Superman pose then getting tossed up in the air.


Sea Lion Marine Patrol

The sea lions are simply adorable. They have the cutest performance with their slapstick comedy. Watch them wave, slide, roll and spin gracefully. Adding color to their show is a satire volunteer who plays the role of a fool that attempts to compete with the performance of one of the sea lions.

Sea lions at Ocean Adventure Subic Bay
Sea lions waving

The funny finale is about the host doing the act of giving the medal to the volunteer but steering it away from him later to give it to the sea lion. The sea lion then gives him a big tongue split.


Seaside Stadium – Allies of the Ocean

This presentation shows that Ocean Adventure is not just about the ocean creatures but is about loving the environment in general. They have a short skit about proper garbage disposal and taking good care of our environment. The mascots made the illustration much livelier and a few funny acts made the entire presentation more fun.

Environmental Preservation Presentation - Ocean Adventure Subic Bay
Environmental Preservation Presentation
Trampoline Performance at Ocean Adventure Subic Bay
Trampoline Performance at Ocean Adventure

On top of that, this is followed by performances from local and international talents. During our first visit, what we’ve seen are trampoline exhibitions from a pair of European performers while during our second visit, the new performers where African acrobats that performed thrilling balancing acts.

Fantastic Balancing Acts - Ocean Adventure Subic Bay
Fantastic Balancing Acts


Wild World

From getting a fun ocean adventure comes another quest for a forest adventure. This section is about showcasing the talents of the wild beasts which can actually be tamed and taught. It was my first time to see a trained bat performing tricks. Trained birds and cats are common but the bat really caught my attention.

Wild World - Ocean Adventure Subic Bay
Wild World – Ocean Adventure

They have a special whistle that makes the bat follow the instructions and come back to the trainer. This reminded me of the pied piper but what he’s controlling this time is a flying rat. Most of the animals aren’t really doing any tricks but are just being showcased while the host explains their characteristics.

Dangerous animals which are now tamed

A native Aeta starts the show by demonstrating how you can create a fire using bamboo parts and how you can cook rice with it. He also brought with him some improvised tools made out of bamboo. During our first visit, he was still wearing his native bahag attire but on our second visit, he was already wearing a t-shirt during his presentation.


Ocean Discovery and Voyager Aquarium

What more could give you a greater adventure from the ocean aside from its replica. A wonderful auditorium was dedicated to having large aquariums where the visitors can better enjoy the beauty of the undersea. The cute and cuddly pufferfish and the dignified knight-looking lionfish are simply delightful to look at. The most mesmerizing of them all is the group of jellyfish.

Ocean Discovery
Group of jellyfish in Ocean Adventure Subic Bay
We really love this group of jellyfish

There’s an exhibit regarding the evolution of the scuba gears. The original ones looked heavy and bulky compared to the slender modern ones. Long hoses from the surface used to be the diver’s source of oxygen which must have been very limiting and riskier as they go deeper. It’s great to see a visual representation of the scuba gear’s innovation through the decades.

Voyager Aquarium
Wet suit exhibit


Beach Bumming

Don’t forget to bring your swimming clothes because Ocean Adventure has its own beach that is exclusive to their guests. Kids would enjoy playing on its white sand while you swim in its clear blue water. The beach has a decent size and a wonderful view of the nearby coast that is full of lush green trees.


White-sand beach of Ocean Adventure - Subic Bay
The white-sand beach of Ocean Adventure
Ocean Adventure is waiting for you!

It’s very clear that Ocean Adventure has plenty to offer its guests. Definitely, a great place to spend time with family and friends.



Admission is inclusive of all Feature Shows and Aquarium Exhibits.
Adult – Php 788
Senior Citizen – Php 628
Children 12 years old and below – Php 628
Children under 30-inches – Free
Buy tickets online and get big discounts!
Check out this link for more info. Call us to inquire about special group rates.

Dolphin, Sea Lion & Marine Encounter Prices
Encounter prices are in addition to admission prices listed above
Please bring swimwear and a towel
For inquiries and advanced bookings, contact Ocean Adventure at (047) 252-9000
Swim with Dolphins – Php 3,700 (for 8 years old and above)
Dolphin Beach Encounter – Php 2,400 (for 6 years old and above)
Dive with Dolphins – Php 4,250 (Includes diving gear. Please bring your Certification Card)
Family Dolphin Experience – Php 10,000 (rate for 4 pax) additional person rate – Php 2,500

* Maximum limit of 6 persons per group

Turtle and Shark Adventure – Php 500.00 per person
Dive with Sharks, Turtles and Jacks – Php 1,900 (Includes diving gear. Please bring your Certification Card)
Animal Trainer Adventure – Php 5,500 (For 10 years old and above. Inclusive of snacks or lunch at the Ilanin Bay Cafe, Ocean Adventure t-shirt, and a Certificate of Accomplishment)


Ocean Adventure – Subic Bay

Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
2222, Philippines

Phone: (047)252-9000
Fax: (047)252-5883

Manila Marketing Office
2nd Floor Highway 54 Plaza Building
986 Stanford St. Corner EDSA Wack Wack
Mandaluyong City

Phone: (02)706-3344 to 46
Fax: (02)706-0808

If you want to spend overnight somewhere near the Ocean Adventure, you might want to consider booking at Camayan Beach Resort which is located right next to it.

Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel
Phone: (047) 252-8000
Fax: (047) 252-2959
Hotline Cellphone: (+63) 908-887-0369 / (+63) 917-726-3510

How To Get There

1st: From Manila, get on NLEx/Pan-Philippine Hwy/AH26/E1/R-8 in A. Bonifacio

2nd: Follow E1/R-8 and N Luzon W Expy to Rizal Hwy in Subic Bay Freeport Zone

3rd: Take Maritan Hwy, Argonaut Hwy, Corregidor Rd and Ilanin Rd to Ocean Adventure Approach Rd in Ilanin Forest West

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