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Katibawasan Falls – Camiguin

Katibawasan Falls is one grand attraction in Camiguin because of its colossal size and charm. Hidden inside a dense forest that is full of large vines and trees—you can sense the spirit of adventure all over it. Who would have thought that a towering waterfall like this would exist in the small island of Camiguin.

Katibawasan Falls with Couple in Camiguin
Katibawasan Falls – Camiguin

This falls reminded me of Lake Sebu’s Seven Dongon Falls which is the biggest falls that I’ve seen so far. With a height of 250 feet, the water going down this falls is really strong. The flow of water is strong enough to create a mist around it and you don’t have to be really close to it to get sprinkled by its splash.

Katibawasan Waterfalls in Camiguin
Full view of the Katibawasan Falls


Swimming Experience

Looking at its clean and clear water, I can’t help but jump in to swim in this waterfall. The water was freezing cold! No wonder there were very few people swimming in it despite the number of visitors who came in that day. Somehow it was good for us because it was a really hot morning. If you’re a bit sensitive of too much cold, you may want to refrain swimming here because you might catch a cold. My beloved wife Juliet skipped swimming here after checking the water’s temperature with her foot.

Katibawasan Falls is freezing cold!
Swimming at Katibawasan Falls

The water gets deeper as you get close to the falls. I tried to shower in the falls but its intimidating roaring sound as I get closer held me back. A small object might fall along with water as well so I just settled in swimming near the center. I bet that many can relate regarding being afraid of certain falls and the risks involved in it. *smile*

Katibawasan Falls collage
Katibawasan Falls in different angles


More Facts about Katibawasan Falls

Our guide later told us that the river below the Katibasawan Falls used to be much wider but a strong typhoon caused several solid rocks to fall on it and shortened its size. I guess its pack of visitors during summer will have to bear with its size for now until the government can take action in removing those rocks to widen the river again.

A rocky river bank

Just near its entrance, you can take advantage of trying out Camiguin’s very own Kiping snack. Translated in English as Cassava Flakes, its cassava flavor is very evident in its taste and its soft and crunchy flake is quite a pleasure to bite. The sprinkled latik which is a syrup made out of coconut really made it sweet and tasty. It’s big enough for two people so my wife and I just shared one of these.

Kiping of Camiguin
Sweet, crunchy and tasty Kiping!
Katibawasan Waterfalls Camiguin
Entrance to Katibawasan Falls

Entrance Fee: P30.00

Katibawasan Falls is a Smoke-Free Vicinity

1st Offense – P200.00
2nd Offense – P300.00
3rd Offense – P500.00 & Imprisonment of 15 days

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